Monday, June 14, 2021

Govt remit sentences of prisoners

Dimapur, August 22: Home Commissioner, Abhijit Sinha has notified that in commemoration of the Independence Day 2019, the State Government has remitted the sentences against certain categories of prisoners who have been convicted by the courts (other than Court Martial) having criminal jurisdiction in the state of Nagaland and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment.
The scale of remission of sentence for different categories is:
Prisoners sentenced to 10 years & above – 30 days
Prisoners sentenced to 5 years to 10 years – 20 days
Prisoners sentenced to 1 year to 5 years – 10 days
Prisoners sentenced up to 1 year – 5 days
The remission granted shall not be admissible to the following categories of prisoners: Prisoners convicted under Foreigners Act; Prisoners convicted under Passport Act;
Prisoners convicted under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act; Prisoners convicted under Section 3 to 10 of Official Secrets Act, 1923; Prisoners convicted under Section 2 to 3 of Criminal Amendment Act, 1961; Prisoners convicted under Section 121 to 130 of IPC; Prisoners convicted under Section 107/109 of CrPC; Prisoners convicted under Prevention of Corruption Act; Prisoners convicted of rape, attempt to rape or assault on women; Convicted prisoners found violating jail rules and discipline such as threatening/ intimidation/quarrelling/beating of fellow prisoners/staff and smuggling of contraband and prohibited articles and foreign national convicted under any Acts.
The remission order takes effect from August 15 2019.
(Page News Service)