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Govt. plans to procure 5 lakh tonnes of onion to balance interest of farmers & consumers


NEW DELHI, MARCH 28: The Central Government plans to procure 5 lakh tonnes of onion to balance the interest of farmers and consumers.
The Government has extended the ban on the exports of the bulb, sparking discontent amongst onion growers, especially in Maharashtra.
The largest producers were looking forward to good returns due to lower yield.
The ban has resulted in a dip in onion prices in the wholesale mandis, with the arrival of fresh crop.
To prevent the prices from nose-diving, the Government plans to procure onion from mandis and maintain price stability.
The inflation rate in vegetables hit 30.25% in February ~ and has been a cause for concern ahead of the general elections.
The Government plans to use the procured onions to keep a lid on prices in the retail market.
Maharashtra, with a 45.53% share, is at the forefront in onion production and reports indicated that the onion export could emerge as a major political issue in the State.
However, if the retail prices spike, it could be a political hot potato for the Modi Government.
Due to poor monsoons last year, onion cultivation in 4 districts of Northern Maharashtra has reduced by 40% this year.
Onion planting in Nashik in 2022-23 was 2.21 lakh hectares. This has reduced to 1.26 lakh hectares in 2023-24. Nashik’s Lasalgaon is the largest onion market in Asia. This market is also at the forefront in providing good quality onion for export.
(Courtesy: TT)

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