Govt plans to bring new land laws: Neiba

Govt plans to bring new land laws: Neiba

Kohima, March 16: Concerned over the inability to mortgage land in Nagaland, newly inducted minister for Planning and Coordination and Land Revenue, Neiba Kronu has emphasized on the need to have State’s own land laws with patta system.
“Naga people do not have the clarity of Article 371(A)… it is agreed that land and resources in Nagaland belongs to the people of the State but there is a need for proper cadastral survey and bringing about our own land patta system in order to attract investors to the State,” Kronu said while interacting with media persons here.
Land revenue and land records in Nagaland have to be revamped in totality to bring clarity of what system we need including own land laws with Nagaland patta, he said
Naga entrepreneurs and young educated unemployed cannot approach the bank as our land cannot be mortgaged and even if the government provides Rs 2-3 lakh through the Special Development Fund or CM Corpus Fund it is not enough because entrepreneurs require Rs 20-30 lakh while bank is not coming forward to their rescue because of our land system, he lamented.
Not having our own land laws is blocking our development and government cannot continue giving subsidy as anything free is no good while subsidy culture has already finished one complete generation of the Nagas, he said.
The Minister hoped that once a land laws with patta system is introduced, foregoing the affidavit system, Nagas will be able to approach the bank and financial institutions for loans by mortgaging our own land.
He also said that coordination meeting will be soon held with the civil societies for bringing about the new laws.
“Unless we do this investors will not come to Nagaland, because we are unable to mortgage and lease out our land, as social clearance is required for all Foreign Direct Investment and Externally Aided Projects.
With regard to Planning and Coordination Department, the Minister asserted that things will move faster and all stagnant mega projects including the Cultural Hall, Multipurpose Parking at New NST and Old Medical Directorate would also be taken up.
He said that the concerned ministers for PWD and Urban Development have been asked by the cabinet to see what can be done in this regard. The cabinet had sat on Tuesday after the first Assembly session, he said.
“We are also going to pay immediate attention to the desires of the public for good road,” he said while reiterating that the government has decided with repair all the district headquarter roads within 60-days.
Kronu, a second time minister of the State, also said that the NDPPP-led PDA government has decided to check the performance of each and every minister every 100 days and bring out a yearly report while the status of non-performing ministers would be reviewed by the Chief Minister.
“We have to run faster to bring a change as per our election slogan,” Kronu added.
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