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Govt-NSCN inching towards Pan-Naga Hoho-Autonomous Council solution

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Kohima, June 21: The Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) are inching towards signing a “Pan-Naga Hoho – “Autonomous Council” solution.
The two entities have been in negotiation for the last 21 years to resolve the decades old Indo-Naga political impasse, but solution continues to elude the people due to the thorny issue like integration of contiguous Naga areas in the wake of strong opposition from neighbouring States, especially Manipur.
But sources, including from the NSCN, said the two negotiating parties are inching towards signing an agreement with a “time bound” for Naga integration. For the time being, sources said the agreement would be “Pan-Naga Hoho” with “Autonomous Council” for Nagas living in other States like Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Pan-Naga Hoho solution has been the talk of the people for over a decade.
Pan-Naga Hoho is for “emotional integration” of Naga people living in different States, NSCN source said.
Recently Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, after meeting Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, said Naga integration is not possible at this juncture. Quick reactions came from the opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) saying they will not compromise with Naga integration, which is the core demand of the Naga people to live as one family.
While Meiteis living in the valley in Manipur do not want any solution which would impinge on Manipur State, people in Assam have opposed even a “satellite council” for Nagas in Assam.
Due to stiff opposition, the Union Government and the NSCN could agree for time bound Naga integration, the core demand of the latter. They have already signed a Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015, to give tempo to the negotiation. Some Naga organizations have asked the negotiating parties to disclose the contents of the Framework Agreement.
The Centre and the NSCN had agreed for “shared sovereignty” but in the process of the negotiation there were hiccups due to interpretations. Sources said there have been different interpretations of Framework Agreement by the NSCN and the Government of India.
NSCN insider said they are in hurry to ink an agreement and that the ball is in the court of the Union Government. But there are some obstacles which the parties have to cross before signing the final agreement.
One source said the NSCN wanted to table the agreed points before the Indian Parliament during the monsoon session, but the Centre seems to be nervous as the Parliament may not sanction a final agreement. The Hindu right-wing party like BJP also cannot afford to displease RSS.
The key obstacle to overcome now is sanction of the Indian Parliament, or rejection by the Parliament, which will push the twenty years of negotiation on the edge. “The talk is sailing on a rough sea,” said a source.
A source said if the negotiating parties fail to table the talking points during the coming monsoon session of Parliament, Naga solution could be delayed, adding that the Union Government is till critical of some of the symbolic issues that NSCN wanted to be recognized.
The Naga outfit has also been demanding a separate flag for Nagalim (Nagaland).
It is understood that with the coming of BJP led Government at the Centre negotiation has become tougher and not as expected by the people. Centre’s previous negotiators have agreed for a separate flags for Nagalim but the current Government does not want to allot a separate flag for NSCN.
The NSCN has also been demanding a separate Constitution.
Other outfits which are engaged in dialogue with the Centre said they would seek solution for the Nagas of Nagaland State.
Sources said if solution is hammered out, cadres of NSCN would be absorbed in Indian para-military forces which would be most probably be deployed in the borders to check the movements of militants. While top functionaries of the group are likely to receive compensation. (Page News Service)