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Govt. initiates strict measures to curb illegal collections & notifies closure of check gates

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DIMAPUR, MAY 19: Nagaland Government has finally decided to curb illegal collection of money from vehicles on roads and check gates by organizations, groups, Government agencies, private individuals and has initiated strict measures including closure of check gates.
According to a notification issued by the Home Department, the Governor of Nagaland has ordered several measures for strict compliance by all concerned to curb illegal collection with immediate effect.
The Government has ordered closure of all police check gates, except the existing inter-State check gates.
The check gates set up by other Departments, including by Municipal and Town Councils, would also be immediately closed throughout the State, except the interstate check gates, which may function up till May 31, 2022, and beyond that date shall function only after obtaining the specific approval of the Home Department.
If anywhere in the State a check gate by any organization, group, or private individual, has been set up or functioning, for whatsoever reasons, that would also be removed/closed forthwith, the notification said.
In the event of additional inter or intra-district check gates required for unavoidable reasons by any Department, including the Police Department, in any part of the State, the matter would be referred through the AHOD/HOD concerned with justifications to the Home Department for consideration, and only after getting prior approval of the Government, the check gate will be set up by the Department concerned.
The notification further stated that every Department concerned after closing the check gate at any location in compliance with this order, would dismantle and completely remove any temporary structure/building standing at the location and being used by it, to obviate the possibility of anyone else misusing the structure/space left behind for illegal collections purposes.
According to the notification, the Deputy Commissioner in every district would constitute an ‘Inspection Team’ comprising the ADC(Hq), Additional SP Additional DCP, District Transport Officer and the District Public Relations Officer (DPRO), which would be responsible for ensuring that there is no check gate functional on any road in the district in violation of this order. The Team would move with a section strength force to be provided by the respective SP/DCP, and regularly conduct surprise inspections to check if any unauthorized check gate is functional, and in the event of any such gate being found, including by private groups, individuals, all persons manning the gates shall be prosecuted under Sections 188 and 384 IPC.
Disciplinary proceedings would also be initiated by the Department concerned against Government servants found involved, if any, and prompt steps would be taken to dismantle and remove the unauthorized check gates put up by any Department, local authority or organization.
The Inspection Team would also conduct comprehensive inspections of the functioning of the duly permitted check gates to satisfy themselves that no illegal collection of money is taking place. In the event of any illegal activity found, the matter would be immediately brought to the notice of the Deputy Commissioner concerned who would forthwith submit a report to the Home Department through the Commissioner, Nagaland, with his views.
Further, the head of the office concerned in the district would take penal action against the erring employees under the relevant Sections of law besides initiation of disciplinary proceedings.
The person in-charge of any check gate would ensure that except Government employees detailed by the Department, no other private individual is present at any point of time in and around the premises/structure being used for check gate. The presence of any unauthorized person/group at or near the check gate would be considered as sufficient proof of everyone colluding for the illegal collection of money and action as per law shall be taken against everyone, the notification stated.
The Inspection Team would submit detailed reports of every inspection being made by it to the Deputy Commissioner for perusal and for taking action as required. Further, the Deputy Commissioner through the DPRO will ensure that the observations and findings of the Inspection Team and the actions taken, if any, are given wide publicity.
The Home Department from time to time would also be sending a team of officers from the Secretariat to inspect the check gates. The Department concerned may also regularly send their officers to inspect the check gates and submit reports to the Home Department.
The PHQ would set up a control room to be manned on 24×7 basis and share widely the contact mobile number with whatsapp facility and an email ID, inviting people without requiring the person concerned to reveal his/her identity if he/she so desires, to share any report/information or make a complaint regarding the illegal collection of money from the vehicles at any check gate or other location in the State, and the control room, which should be manned by sufficient personnel headed by a senior officer shall, besides passing on the information/complaint to the Inspection Team of the district, also give immediate further instructions for taking appropriate actions.
A fortnightly report of the calls received and the action taken by the control room shall be made available to the Home Department for perusal.
The notification further stated in case of any information received of a vehicle that needs to be checked/inspected because of it being suspected of carrying illegal items, or if there is any contravention of any law/rule/regulation, or it has evaded paying any charges/fee/tax needed to be paid to the Government, or for any other sufficiently good reasons, the Department officials concerned may immediately contact the Inspection Team of the District concerned and jointly carry out the necessary checks on the vehicle and take other action as necessary.
The PWD Department would put up prominent signages in local dialects/English and Hindi at every check gate/point declaring that no payment other than required by any law/rule/provision, if applicable, shall be made and that for such payments a proper receipt will be given. The contact number of the control room in PHQ would be displayed prominently on the signages. The signages would be erected and placed in such a way that they are prominently readable from a distance day and night.
The Deputy Commissioner shall obtain regular reports from the Inspection Team in the district, and on the 1st and 15th of every month submit a detailed report to the Home Department through Commissioner, Nagaland, and shall certify the following:
(a) Regular inspections are being carried out by the Inspection Team throughout the District to ensure complete compliance to this order
(b) That no unauthorized check gate is functional in any part of the district.
(c) At the permitted check gates, detailed inspection and thorough inquiries have been made, and there are no cases of illegal collection of money by anyone at such check gates.
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