Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Govt. evading direct questions: NPF

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 16: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has accused the PDA Government of harping on running an accountable and transparent Government while dodging direct and pertinent questions on COVID-19 management in Nagaland.

“Do they feel that the questions raised by the principal opposition party deserves no answers or they do not dare answer them as that would disprove their so-called ‘transparent’ government theory”, asked the NPF press bureau in a press communiqué. It alleged that all the tall claims of achievement and transparency are only on paper and nothing in reality and on the ground.
The NPF alleged that PDA Government has failed to answer with clarity as to how 20% pro-rata cut from non-developmental fund has been utilized. Pointing out that the pro-rata cut was initially for purchase of vaccine, NPF said out of the estimated Rs 47.69 crores saved from 20% pro-rata cut, only Rs 7.45 crores have been spent on procuring vaccine.
On the matter of COVID cess on petroleum products, NPF said revenue figure given by Government at Rs 13.64 crores is unrealistic. “Not to mention the vehicles from other States passing through Nagaland, taking only the number of vehicles in the State and daily average fuel consumption, the revenue from cess should exceed 13.64 crores by more than 100%”, it claimed.
On the issue of providing relief to COVID patients undergoing treatment in COVID hospitals and also providing ex-gratia to COVID related deceased family the NPF said while there has been clear direction from the Ministry of Home Affairs for these purposes to utilize 60% of grants received under State Disaster Response Fund, nothing on the ground is being implemented. “Yet tall claims continue to pour out in the media from the PDA Government. Our neighbouring States like Assam and Meghalaya have even gone to the extent of giving additional grants to the COVID patients and to the families of the deceased expired due to COVID from State’s own resources in addition to the normal central grants received”, it claimed.
Stating that the second wave of COVID-19 has been more disastrous than the first and many families have lost their near and dear ones, the NPF lamented that the State Government continue to remain nonchalant to the plight and struggle of the people.

“Even on the issue of absence of doctors and nurses in Community Health Centres (CHC) and Primary Health Centres (PHC), the Government remains mute and no positive action has been taken nor explanation given for such lapses”, it alleged.
The communiqué also termed the act of providing machineries to hospitals with no technical personnel on the ground to run those machines as self-defeating. “Immediate posting of doctors and nurses and also technical persons to the Health Centres should be taken up on priority as without them, an empty hospital cannot help the people in their fight against this pandemic.”
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