Govt denying information under RTI Act: NPRAAF

Govt denying information under RTI Act: NPRAAF

To take matter to Central Information Commission

Dimapur, June 8: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) has decided to approach the Central Information Commission (CIC), New Delhi after the State Government denied information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.
In a, executive meeting held today. The NPRAAF decided to approach the CIC without any loss of time for denial of information by the State Government on the facilities provided to the non-legislators recently appointed in the rank of Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State. In the RTI, it had also asked under which provision of law the appointments were made.
NPRAAF said it filed an RTI on May 7, 2018 in the Chief Secretary Office seeking information under RTI Act of 2005 affixing requisite stamp seeking information on the facilities provided to the 13 non-legislators appointed in the rank of Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State so as to know if the facilities provided to the 13 PDA members falls within the purview of Sec 21 IPC and whether the appointment outwitted Article 164 (1A) which was inserted in the constitution on the recommendation on National Commission for review of working of constitution on misuse and drainage of public money to put a ban on over-sized cabinet.
NPRAAF said it were informed by PIO Chief Secretary Office that the RTI application was forwarded to Cabinet Secretariat on May 8, 2018, but no information was received from both ends.
NPRAAF said it requires the State Government to furnish the information to initiate any legal course of action on the illegal appointments in accordance to the RTI response. However the same is denied to this day, it rued.
Meanwhile, NPRAAF also informed the Department of Land Resource, PHE and Rural Development not to further delay the information NPRAAF had sought on May 7 as the mandatory period of one month for RTI reply ended on June 7. Failing to furnish the information the matter will be taken up to CIC Delhi, it warned.
NPRAAF also clarified that its decision to bypass first Appellate Authority and State Information Commission (SIC) office “is because NPRAAF has no confidence in it.”
“NPRAAF has approached State Information Commission (SIC) on 24th May 2016 after the Home Department denied information on High Power Committee (HPC) report headed by Justice H.K Sema Supreme Court Judge (Rtd) however to this day information is denied on various pretext of law. Therefore NPRAAF decided not to approach SIC anymore on denial of information but approach the CIC Delhi as authorized in the section 18 (1) (b), (c) under the provision of RTI Act 2005,” it added. (Page News Service)