Monday, September 27, 2021

Govt blatantly violated appointment rules & regulations: DDVCCA

Dimapur, June 16: The Dimapur District Village Council Chairman’s Association (DDVCCA) has expressed shock and pain at the decision taken by the State Cabinet to regularize 27 MOs, which has subsequently crippled the medical department with cessation of work by doctors, nurses and technicians under NHM.
“At such a severe pandemic period like this, the state government should have undertaken all accounts into consideration to avoid such a situation to occur,” it said in a press release.
Stating that the Government “blatantly and intentionally” violated the appointment rules and regulations, the DDVCCA said, “It is very silly of a government to use the term “one time relaxation” and ask not to be a “precedent.”
Secondly, DDVCCA said the Government through the Cabinet decision instead of lightening its burden with more medical professionals has increased the shortage “due to its ill intention of discrimination.”
It also asked, “Were the serving doctors, nurses and technicians under NHM less qualified than the others that they don’t deserve regularization and equal pay?” If NHM is a mission funded by the Centre, do the employees under this mission deserve discrimination from the State Government, it asked adding every qualified person deserve his/ her share of employment facility of the State irrespective of caste, creed or status.
“It is very unfortunate that our own sons and daughters have to undergo step motherly treatment.
It is learnt that there are employees who have rendered more than 10 years of service and to be suddenly left behind and regularising a fresh employee is nothing short of nepotism, favoritism and blatant discrimination,” it alleged.
Stating that the medical department is one important department that should not play foul, as it deals with life and death, the association said during such a pandemic the employees are the forefront fighters that deserve the highest respect and treatment, which sadly has turned sour.
Appealing to the Government to dispense equality, transparency and fair employment opportunities and to refrain from misusing power and authority whereby public are made to ultimately suffer which will in the long run be dear and costly, the association said the health, safety and treatment of patients and public should in no way be hampered due to this imbroglio and called upon all to settle the impasse at the earliest. (Page News Service)