Thursday, June 24, 2021

Govinda finally breaks all ties with Krushna and his wife

Veteran actor Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek have finally severed all ties with each other.
Wondering what exactly is going on between Krushna and his mama Govinda? Well, buzz is that the mama-bhanja Jodi is no longer on talking terms and both the families have severed ties with each other.
In an interview to Times of India, Sunita Ahuja, wife of Govinda, explained that why they have distanced themselves from Krushna and his wife Kashmira Shah.
“Krushna’s claim to fame has always been the fact that he is Govinda’s bhanja. He has milked that enough. He has lived with us for years and we have always loved him. It’s a shame that they talk rubbish about us behind our back,” Sunita said.
The ugly spat between the two families didn’t just end here. On not attending Krushna’s twins’ birthday bash, Sunita revealed that her family was not even invited by Krushna and his wife.
“Govinda and I were in London on that day (June 3), but that wasn’t the only reason why we didn’t attend the party. We were not invited for it and even if they had, we wouldn’t have gone. I was a fool to do so two years ago. Govinda was right about them. It was my mistake that I thought that we should give them another chance,” Sunita added.
In another interview, Krushna also opened up and in his defence said, “It’s appalling to see them even make such claims. Yes, there is no denying the fact that he has helped me on the personal front when I was young. But I have made a career through sheer hard work. I feel bad, especially because I have always loved and respected them. I have stayed in their house for six years and Sunita mami has treated me like her own child. However, I am fine if things are not resolved now.”