Governor’s address compliments DAN Govt achievements: Zeliang

Governor’s address compliments  DAN Govt achievements: Zeliang

Asks whether PDA Govt is led by BJP or NDPP

Kohima, March 24: Leader of Opposition in Nagaland Assembly, T R Zeliang today claimed that the address of Governor PB Acharya in the Assembly was complimentary to the achievements of the previous Government.
The former chief minister claimed that all the policies and programmes announced in the Governor’s address, which was delivered to the newly constituted House on March 22 last, especially the road sector and major developmental projects were brought in during the previous Government and the NPF is glad that it is being followed up by the new Government.
Participating in a debate in Assembly today, Zeliang said there is a vast difference between the then NPF-BJP and present NDPP-BJP alliance saying that NPF always had post-poll alliance with the BJP irrespective of the number of seats they win. But now, NDPP has entered into alliance with BJP on seat sharing policy while also conceded more cabinet berth. He therefore questioned as to whether the PDA government was led by BJP or NDPP?
“Naga people should clearly understand the ocean of difference between the NPF-BJP alliance and NDPP-BJP alliance,” he said.
Congratulating the election machineries of ECI and CEO Nagaland, police and administration for the successful conduct of the polls, he however lamented that some lives were lost and several injured in the process and also post election violence. Appreciating the Churches, tribal hohos and various NGOs for initiating the Clean Election Campaign, he said that though full success could not be achieved, but the intention itself is commendable.
He highlighted that due to defective EVMs leading to delay in starting the voting in many polling stations on February 27, electorates were unable to exercise the franchise due to time constraint. On the other hand, Zeliang while casting aspersion on the effectiveness of EVMs suggested that the House hold discussion and pass a resolution to do away with EVMs and go back to the old paper ballot system.
The former CM also expressed surprise on the issuance of winning certificates to two candidates by the RO of Tening Assembly Constituency and also the process of re-tabulation and re-counting, which has casted doubt on the authenticity of the second certificate.
“It was a bad precedent followed by the ECI, CEO Nagaland and RO Tening,” he said, adding that it was the first of its kind in the history of country.
On the slogan of PDA Government “change is coming”, Zeliang said change is not coming but has come since day of the formation of the new government. He cited that the ‘unusual’ swearing in ceremony held at Local Ground Kohima on March 8 last was more or less a ‘felicitation programme’ and not an oath taking ceremony’.
As traditional practice followed throughout the country, he said the ceremony starts and ends with the National Anthem and there cannot be any other programme like music or speeches. But, the NDPP-led PDA Government had changed the tradition.
Zeliang suggested to the Speaker that a workshop be conducted for the members, specially the first timers, on the proceedings of the House so that all members can be well aware and equipped about the rules of the House.
Responding to the claims of the treasury bench that they have just taken over and unable to respond to the queries of the opposition members, he said “whether if only a day or two, but it is the responsibility of the Government of the day to respond and not the previous chief minister or the past Government”. He also remarked that the NDPP motto “Facta non verba” is stolen from a private school in Kohima.
Zeliang also lambasted that the PDA Government is yet to come out with a common minimum programme as a common vision for the welfare of the people.
“These clearly show PDA is a visionless Government for its sheer opportunism with the sole intension to capture power devoid of any political morality,” Zeliang said.
The Governor’s address does not indicate any concrete new policies and programme for the people of Nagaland, except for adoption of the policies and programmes of the previous DAN government and also highlighting of the works done during my government.
He pointed said that the Governor had released the Nagaland Vision Document 2030 on December 1, 2016 but it was most unfortunate that his address was totally silent about it.
“In time we will see if the PDA Government can truly walk the talk and live up to their high sounding promises made to the people of Nagaland before and after the elections,” he said.
On the assurance of the Governor that ‘PDA will not come in way of any political arrangement that will bring solution to the Nagaland political issue’, he questioned the Leader of the House whether the Government is willing to step down from the chair if any new arrangement is established out of a solution to Naga political issue.
There is no positive stand of the government on this issue, the Opposition leader added. (Page News Service)