Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Governor meets ex-servicemen on Armed Forces Flag Day

ex servicemen
Governor, PB Acharya with officials on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on 7th December 2018. (DIPR)

Kohima, December 7: Nagaland Governor, PB Acharya Friday met ex-servicemen and officers of the Rajya Sanik Board (RSB) Nagaland to mark the Armed Forces Flag Day at Raj Bhavan Kohima.
Acharya, who is also the ex-officio president of RSB, paid respect to the soldiers and veterans for their courage, honour, bravery and sacrifices and urged the people to contribute to the Armed Forces fund for the welfare of ex-servicemen and their families. Armed Forces Flag Day badge was also pinned on the Governor.
On the occasion, it was decided that Rajya Sainik Board Nagaland and Raj Bhavan will invite cobblers, individual tailors and dhobis to Raj Bhavan, at least 200, and tell them the different projects of the Central Government involved in their welfare. The programme will be held in January 2019.
Two rabbits were given by the Governor to the office of Rajya Sainik Board for rearing. “Love for birds, animals and trees has to be slowly inculcated and the people should be in tune with nature. Those who are in office should have peace of mind,” the Governor said.
Director, Rajya Sainik Board Nagaland, Rajiv Dong said Flag Day has been observed annually in India on December 7 since 1949. Over the years, it has become a tradition to commemorate the day as an honour to the soldiers, sailors and airmen of India. (Page News Service)