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Governor Ganesan stresses on early resolution of Naga Political Issue for development & prosperity

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KOHIMA, MARCH 21: Nagaland Governor La Ganesan while lamenting that the decades long unresolved political issue has been a hindrance to development and prosperity of the State, has stressed on the need to resolve it at the earliest.
“Our people, the society at large, owing to the unique challenges and constraints created by the decades long unresolved Political Issue, has not been able to fully grow and realize their fullest potential that they would have otherwise. In some way or the other, the smooth march of the State on the path of development and prosperity has been affected”, the Governor said in his maiden address to the newly constituted Nagaland Assembly here today.
Stressing on the need to resolve the Naga Political Issue at the earliest possible, Ganesan said the State Government will be pro-active and continue playing the role of a sincere and active facilitator to strengthen the ongoing peace process for an early solution.
“We remain committed of not coming in the way of an agreement that is arrived at through the peace process that is honourable, acceptable, and inclusive”, he affirmed.
He said that the Government remains committed to ensuring the maintenance of law and order and peaceful atmosphere in the State.
“We will continue taking steps for strengthening and improving the infrastructure and capabilities of our district administration, police and security agencies so as to make them better equipped to handle their duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively”, he said.
“The proactive management of Law and Order with better Police-Public Partnership is a way forward in our society which has strong societal bonds”, he said adding that the State Police shall also endeavour to improve the forensic capabilities for scientific investigation, better presentation of evidence before court of law and to enhance conviction rate.
On the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization and the tribal bodies’ demands for separate statehood for eastern districts, he expressed happiness that the Government of India has taken initiative in this regard and, through a team constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, is holding consultations with the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization for a harmonious and sustainable resolution of the entire matter.
“My Government is committed to assist the entire process so that all of us move together for suitably addressing the grievances of the people of the areas of the districts of Eastern Nagaland and bridge the development deficit and bring these areas on par with the rest of the State at the earliest possible”, he said.
The Governor also said that under the directions of the Supreme Court, the State Government with a view to ensure grassroots democracy in the cities and towns has initiated the process for conduct of the long-overdue Urban Local Bodies elections.
These elections and constitution of the ULBs as per the provisions of the Constitution and, in compliance of the directives of the Supreme Court, are critical for the equitable development, growth and progress of our cities and towns, he said.
Hence, Ganesan called upon everyone concerned to come forward and assist in the successful conduct of the elections in the interest of the people and the State.
Saying that Nagaland recently went through the process of general elections to the Assembly with a large turnout on polling day, he also saluted the citizens of the State for once again rising and helping in further deepening and strengthening the roots of democracy.
Extending greetings to everyone on the occasion of the first session of the new NLA, he conveyed deepest appreciation to the entire Government machinery for working without fear and favour and ensuring that democracy and the will of the people triumphed over everything else.
The coming back of the NDPP-BJP alliance Government with a resounding mandate in the just concluded State election has shown the enormous faith reposed in the ideals and the work done by the Government in the last 5 years by the people of Nagaland, he said.
It has also highlighted in no small measure the seminal efforts of the Government in reaching out to all, seeking their support, and consciously working for everyone’s welfare, development and progress, he said.
The State Government as it commences its new term in the service of the people, with a clear vision to bring about positive change, progressive development and all around inclusive economic growth, is also mindful of the long- standing unresolved Naga Political Issue, which has impacted every sphere of the society and created hurdles, especially to the economy and the progress of the State, he said.
Ganesan said that the various people-centric policies, programmes, initiatives, show the deep commitment for bringing positive change in every sphere, progress and taking all-round development to the doorsteps of the people in every nook and corner of the State.
The socio-economic progress of Nagaland continues to be reliant on agriculture and allied activities in a significant way, with about 70% of the population being directly or indirectly dependent on these sectors, he said.
The Governor affirmed that while the Government continue making efforts to improve the agricultural practices and enhance the productivity, it will also strive to be a larger part of organic basket of the country.
Under Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region organic certification has been issued for 23,000 hectares area in the State with the formation of 38 Farmer Producers’ Organization, he said, adding that, the Department of Agriculture will take further steps for diversification, particularly towards high-value crops, oil seeds and pulses.
He said that the Department of Horticulture under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture for 2023-24, is planning to introduce the concept of “Model Horticulture Village” wherein, one village each in all 16 districts of the State shall be identified as a “Model Village” and focus will be given for the cultivation of a single fruit or spice crop based on the economic potentiality and agro-climatic suitability in these villages.
The Department of PHE, under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) ,has planned to cover a total of 1,47,211 households with drinking water supply under JJM during 2023-24, he said.
Also felicitating all the Members, particularly the 29 legislators who have been elected for the first time to the House, the Governor called upon them to keep public welfare and their interest paramount while deliberating on any matter.
Advisor Tongpang Ozukum moved the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address saying that the members of the 14th Nagaland Assembly assembled in the first session are deeply grateful to him for his address. Adviso H Tovihoto Ayemi seconded the motion.
Meanwhile, NLA Speaker Sharingain Longkumer announced that amendments, if any from the Members should be submitted to the Assembly Secretariat by 2 p.m. tomorrow while discussion on the Governor’s address would be taken up on Thursday.
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