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Governor felicitates Rank holders; asks students to acquire new skills

Governor with HSLC topper
Governor P.B Acharya with HSLCE toppers during their felicitation programme at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on 21st May 2019.(DIPR)

Dimapur, May 21: A presentation ceremony of Governor’s awards to the toppers, subject toppers in MIL & Skill Education subjects, and Felicitation of Rank Holders of the HSLC & HSSLC Examinations 2019 by the Governor P.B Acharya was held at the Raj Bhavan on 21st May 2019.
Governor of Nagaland, P B Acharya in his speech said that there is a growth in unemployment in the State and this problem can be solved when the youths opt for entrepreneurship rather than running after government jobs.
The Governor also pointed out that for Nagaland to develop the infrastructures of all schools, both government and private in all the districts must improve equally. He also encouraged the students to work hard and to be an asset to their society and their State.
Governor also harped on the importance of entrepreneurship and stated that jobs in the government sector has reached a saturation point.
Acharya further stated that students should acquire new skills to equip themselves for being more competitive in outside job market in private sectors.
Neichute Doulo, CEO Entrepreneurs Association, Kohima in his exhortation mentioned that the youths should start imagining and building another world, the entrepreneur world.
He told the children that they should not regard Nagaland as a landlocked State but as a land linked State and to grab the opportunity and seek out into the business world.
India as a country and Nagaland as a State desperately needs entrepreneurs and therefore they should become assets and revenue generators of the State, he added.
Editor-in-Chief Nagaland Post, Geoffrey Yaden encouraged the students by telling them that any inspiration should be followed by action and that they should not give in to complacency and procrastination because these two things are everyone’s enemies that does not help one to move forward.
He also told the children that they should always assess themselves to understand themselves better.
He said Nagaland has one of the highest rates of government employees in the country because people in the state believe that it is only the government that can provide for the well being of the state. This dominance of government culture should change through the youths encouraging themselves in taking up entrepreneurship, he added.
Yaden further said that the children should always have a backup plan while setting their goals and that they should learn to be their own teacher.
Goals, perseverance & strategy where three things that guided him and which, he said, might also help them. He concluded by telling them that they should motivate and encourage each other and have a heart to help people in order for the upliftment of the State.
Advisor to School Education, K.T Sukhalu asked the students to maintain the same consistency in order to succeed in their lives and always have a vision to move forward. He said that entrepreneurship is on section which the young children should look into.
He also asked the school managements to maintain the integrity of exams that takes place.
He urged the school managements to be concerned about the students and to nurture them and guide them and encourage them through different activities so that they are not confused with what to do in their future lives.
The NBSE award of Rs. 25,000 each to the toppers were sponsored by SBI Kohima Branch, under Cooperate Social Responsibility. (Page News Service)