Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Governor extends Tsokum & Yemshe festivals greeting

R N Ravi 1

Dimapur, October 4: Nagaland Governor RN Ravi has greeted the Khiamniungan and Pochury communities on the occasion of Tsokum and Yemshe festivals respectively.
Extending Tsokum festival greetings to the Khiamniungan community, the Governor said apart from celebrating the festival with great pomp and gaiety, it has the underlying essence of promoting unity, peace and harmony. Sharing and giving are wonderful practices observed during the festival, he said.
Tsokum is celebrated to invoke blessings for a bountiful harvest and to avoid any unforeseen misfortune among family members during the time of harvest.
“It is important for our children to carry on the culture and tradition. During Tsokum, boys and girls take part in traditional games and sports which help in developing a sense of mutual understanding and cooperation at a young age,” he said and prayed that the Almighty bless everybody abundantly.
Greeting the Pochury community on the occasion of Yemshe festival, Ravi said Yemshe is a harvesting festival and the Pochury community rejoices the fruit of their hard work during this time.
“Our Pochury friends also share their produce, exchange gifts and care for one another. Another beautiful practice is the enthusiastic cleaning of the village by the people,” he said.
Traditional dances and songs as well as the other good characteristics of the festival passed down by our forefathers ought to be preserved by the younger generation, the Governor said while praying that God bless everybody with good health, peace of mind and prosperity.
DyCM greets
Deputy Chief Minister and BLP leader Y Patton has also extended greetings to the Khiamniungan community on the special occasion of Tsokum festival and Yemshe greetings to the Pochury community.
Stating that the two festivals are reasons to keep each other in thoughts and prayers, he said, “Our cultures, traditions, songs and festivals make us who we are, and it is very important for us to preserve our identity.”
Patton prayed that the Almighty bless the communities with bountiful harvests and good health and wished for renewed relationships, happiness, peace and prosperity upon all. (Page News Service)