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Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature: Books short-listed

Dimapur, November 25: The Committee of judges for the Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature has announced the books that have been short-listed for final judging as earlier announced on July 20, 2018. The Shortlisting was done by members of the Kohima Educational Trust/Kohima Educational Society (KET/KES), including two from the United Kingdom.
The shortlist was released this afternoon at a simple ceremony by KES Chairman, Dr P. Ngully, in Kohima.
For this inaugural edition, no strict conditions were made and the Committee tried to be as accommodative as possible. The shortlisted books included six in the Non-Fiction category and two books in the Fiction category as per submissions received. Reluctantly, the Committee had to reject some books for reasons of propriety. And so, while six books had been selected in the Non-Fiction category, only two books were shortlisted in the Fiction category. Without any particular order of preference the shortlisted books are as follows:-
Category 1:Non Fiction
1. “A Rediscovery and Rebuilding of Naga Cultural Values” by Inato Yekheto Shikhu
(An Analytical Approach with Special Reference to Maori as a colonised and Minority Group of People in New Zealand, Regency Publication, New Delhi, pp 255).
2. “A Naga Odyssey : Visier’s Long Way Home” by Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü and Richard Broome, (A Memoir, published by Monash University, Melbourne, 2017, pp 317).
3. “Forgiveness and Politics : A Critical Appraisal” by Kethoser Aniu Kevichüsa
(Langham Monographs: Carlisle, 2017. Pages 300).
4. “Literary Cultures of India’s Northeast: Naga Writings in English” by K B Veio Pou (Heritage Publishing House, Dimapur, 2015, pp 213).
5. “Nagaland and India : The Blood and the Tears” by Kaka D Iralu (A historical account of the seventy year Indo-Naga war and the story of those who were never allowed to tell it, Genuine Printing Press, Kohima, 2017, pp 423).
6. “Insider Perspectives : Critical Essays on Literature from Nagaland” by Vizovono Elizabeth and Sentinaro Tsuren (Bark Weaver publications, Norway, 2017, pp 210).
Category 2 Fiction
1. “When the River Sleeps” by Easterine Kire (Zubaan Publishers Pvt Ltd 2014, pp 245)
2. “The Starry Night” by Nzan Kikon (Penthrill Publication House, Kohima, 2018, pp 245)
The above shortlisted books would be read and judged by a team of three independent judges, having no connection with KET/KES, and their decisions would be final.
The winners’ names would be announced in the latter part of March 2019 and the prizes (one in each category) would be given at a grand function in Kohima during the first part of April, coinciding with the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kohima.
The 2nd edition of the Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature would take place in December 2019 itself, during the Hornbill Festival.
The announcement for entries will be made in April during the prize-giving function of this first edition. The terms and conditions may vary slightly from the first edition. All are, therefore, invited to be on the look-out and take part in the competition.
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