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GoN responsible for MA student’s death: K Therie

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DIMAPUR, MAY 14: Former president of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie has held the Government of Nagaland responsible for the death of Supou P, an MA final year student, who succumbed to gunshot injuries on May 8 last.
She was allegedly shot by one ‘ss’ Dy. Kilonser of NSCN (Khango).
“If unauthorized weapons were not with the criminal, she would have lived. The State Government is responsible for her death. We have lost many lives in the same manner”, said Therie in a press release issued today.
“Words of heavy regret in funerals and posthumous awards cannot bring back precious lives”, he stated.
Calling upon the Governor of Nagaland to pay serious concern over the safety and security to life and property, the former NPCC president alleged, “The opposition-less Government that is hand in glove with factions is safe and secured but not the public, especially the entrepreneurs. Many are speaking and writing between the lines to avoid provocation for fear of unauthorized weapons. Complainants are directed to compromise with factions for future safety as the Government cannot be always with them.”
“Perhaps there are more than 1,000 weapons in the hands of factions. I have lost count of the number of factions, but I am enlightened by CNCCI that we have 18 factions. It means people are paying 19 taxes including to the State Government. All these funds are only siphoned off. They do not even use these funds to repair potholes”, he said.
On the question raised by the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) to the Government on “Who is in-charge?” in Nagaland, Therie said this is also the question of every citizen of the State.
“The existence of the State Government is not known”, he claimed.
“All these activities have been happening for some years. The recent electoral verdict appears to favour the continuation of such a situation. To me it is a senseless verdict. However, because of a senseless verdict, we cannot ignore safety and security to life and property of our citizens”, he stated.
Urging the State Governor, the guardian of the Constitution, to raise the Constitutional provisions to his Council of Ministers and to wake them up to enforce the law of land, he said the people of Nagaland deserve governance.
“There is no need for arms in negotiation. Why not close all arms in their respective designated camps? 1n 1954 when NNC decided to organize Forces to fight for freedom, they formed the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) to defend Nagaland. The purpose was not to kill brothers and sisters or extort. Now that all are in Ceasefire, it is the duty of the State Government and the GOI to control unauthorized weapons and accelerate development. If the State Government is not willing, the Hon’ble Governor has options”, he added.
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