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GoN is “tone-deaf” & “anti-women”: RPP

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DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 23: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) today accused the UDA Government of being “tone-deaf” and “anti-women”.

In a statement issued here, the RPP citing newspaper reports of the Chief Minister holding so-called consultative meeting with ENPO, CNTC and TPO on October 20 last regarding women reservation in ULB, said the meeting is uncalled for and tasteless.
Terming that meeting as a “secret meeting”, the RPP said no women in any capacity attended the meeting and questioned why this Government is so bent on omitting women from any discussion pertaining to women reservation.
“It’s almost as if the UDA Government is anti-women”, it said.
The statement further said that the RPP had questioned the Government on the same issue when the latter had convened a consultative meeting on August 18 last without a single woman participating in the discussion. The RPP had reminded the Government then that “women reservation is a complex subject which CSOs are ill-equipped to handle.” It had called for broader discussion on the issue if the Government was serious about women empowerment.
The RPP said instead of seeking women’s (and experts) opinion on such a weighty matter, the Government apparently convened a secret meeting and sneakily formed a committee comprising of the Chief Secretary and representatives from ENPO, TPO and CNTC.
“The secretive manner in which a committee was formed without women representation clearly suggests that the Chief Minister has a hidden agenda. Secondly, this exercise is another irrefutable example of the Chief Minister indulging the CSOs because if the Chief Minister wants Naga CSOs to take decisions for the Government, then there is no point in having an elected government”, the RPP stated.

Instead of inviting some of the best minds such as scholars, academicians, think-tanks and the Bar Associations for thread-bare discussion, the Chief Minister is being divisive here, it further alleged.
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