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GoI’s “audacious move” to scrap FMR & and fence border strikes at the very heart of the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue: GNF

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 21: The Global Naga Forum (GNF) has asserted that the Centre’s “audacious move” to scrap the Free Movement Regime (FMR) and fence Indo-Myanmar border strikes at the very heart of the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue.
“It sends a chilling message of insincerity, jeopardising the fragile trust painstakingly built during negotiations. In times where dialogue is the pathway to lasting peace, such regressive actions only undermine the progress made in achieving a mutually beneficial solution”, stated a press release issued by the GNF in the aftermath of a webinar held on February 19.
Speakers at this virtual meeting included Prof. Paul Pimomo, Dr. Visier Sanyu, Chungtin Sheu, Kenilo Kent, Vareiyo Shatsang and Ngachonmi Chamroy.
“In response to an unprecedented crisis that threatens the autonomy and future of the Nagas, a crucial webinar titled ‘Fences that Divide a People Come Down’. The urgency arose from the recent announcement by the Union Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, signalling the intention to abolish the Free Movement Regime and implement border fencing. This development raised deep concerns among the Nagas, as it went beyond mere policy changes, impacting their identity, freedom, and existence”, it stated.
According to the Forum, the webinar was not just a platform to discuss the implications of scrapping the FMR but also a call for unprecedented leadership. “The message was clear – Nagas could not afford to be passive spectators; their fate hung in the balance. The crisis demanded a united response, turning adversity into an opportunity for Naga unity, resilience, and determination”, it asserted.
The Forum asserted that Nagas have the right to live in an undivided area “that no force on earth can disrupt”.
“The Naga people, like any other community, possess an inherent and undeniable right to inhabit an undivided land. No earthly force should dare disrupt the unity that defines the Naga identity; attempts to do so will only meet resolute resistance. The undivided Naga area is not just a geographical space; it is the heart and soul of a people with an indomitable spirit”, it stated.
Also, the GNF maintained that the future of India and Naga progress lies in building bridges and connectivity in an undivided Naga land. “Building walls and imposing barriers contradict the vision of progress and prosperity for both India and the Naga people.
“True development lies in embracing an undivided Naga land, creating a gateway to peace and prosperity, not only for Nagas but for the entire Northeast and beyond into Southeast Asia. Walls impede progress; bridges unlock the gates to a shared and interconnected future”, it stated.
During the virtual meeting, the establishment of a Coordination Committee to sustain the momentum generated and drive forward the actionable points was discussed.
“It was also shared for a significant event at Longwa international border. This event aims not only to shed light on the border issue globally but also to harness it as an opportunity to garner support for a united call to Naga Unity.
“Emphasising the historical significance of Nagas gathering at Kutsapo in Phek District under the Forum for Naga Reconciliation and Shisha Hoho, with diverse participants from Naga politicians, NPGs and civil society organizations, the Longwa event is envisioned as a pivotal moment for Nagas to reassert their unity and pursue self-determination”, it added.
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