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GoI should not commit another political blunder

As a concerned Naga citizen I do wish to share my personal opinions with some pertinent questions: How many types of Nagas of Nagaland do actually exist? Who are the real and unreal Nagas? Is it Nagaland Tribal Council? or Is it Central Nagaland tribal Council? or Eastern Nagaland People’s organization? I don’t subscribe to any of them because I am a Naga without Borders.
As per the sources collected from different media, I am convinced that, the present Nagaland State is the political nerve center of Naga politics. If solution is to be worked out basing on FA as two entities with separate flag and constitution then the Question, ‘Nagaland state will cease to exist’ does not arise. But, it will be a transformation from Statehood to Nationhood.
I am also confident that Naga negotiators are not delaying the solution but trying their best to negotiate for an agreement that will ensure the status of Naga Flag and Constitution. At this juncture, since GoI is not ready to accept Naga Flag and Naga Constitution/Yezhabo, the Naga negotiators want to specifically mention in the Agreement that ‘Naga Flag and Naga Constitution’ shall be peacefully resolved after solution; because solution without such kind of formal guarantee will be another Naga political betrayal. It is also very necessary to have witnesses to the Final Agreement from neutral countries.
IMAGINE: If Talk fails and Cease-fire breaks, then Naga political struggle will restart with rapes, coups, torture, slaughtering, burning of houses etc. of Naga resistant forces with sophisticated imported AK-203, bombardment with dassault rafale multirole jets, Brahmos Missiles, T-90 tanks from Russia, France and Israel.
This battle will compel the Nagas to accept communism. But today Nagas are safe and protected under our Naga Chief Negotiator and promising Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
Mr. Narendra Modi is the most admired and closely watched democratic world leader, and he is adored by the world as a man of great democratic principle. He was the man behind demonetization to fight against black money. He was the manbehind the great India-PLA in a standoff. He was the man behind bombing terrorist camps in Pakistan.
Mr. Narendra Modi came back as Prime Minister with a new vision-NARA (National Ambition, Regional Aspirations) for One Nation, One Election. He is the man behind the abrogation of Article 370. He is the man behind all successful Bills passed in the Parliament like, UAPA Amendment, Uniform Civil Code etc. He is the Man behind signing of Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015 and another agreement on 17th Nov 2017 with the Nagas. I am confident that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who is popularly known as ‘a Man of action’, will not break his commitment and betray the Nagas.
With the signing of historic framework agreement the common Naga people felt relieved that Disturbed Act and AFSPA would be lifted as a sign of commitment to resolve the issue politically.
Suspicion and doubt came into the minds of Naga people, when RN Ravi and Ajit Doval was appointed to look into the matters of Nagas issue, because they, being from law&order background, will try to deal with Naga issue from their perspective, not from political perspective. On the contrary, it was because of their committed hard work that made the Signing of historic Agreements possible.
More than 70 years of political struggle with more than 22 years of negotiations is enough for Nagas to make the GoI understand the core issues, and it is also enough for GoI to understand the same. Today, the world is watching Mr. Narendra Modi and anticipating that his promised commitments will bring a solution that is honorable and acceptable to the Nagas .
Let us all pray to our Almighty God to grant His wisdom and political courage to Mr. Narendra Modi to accomplish his promise and commitment to Naga people.
Bechung Konyak (On e-mail)