GoI-NSCN (IM) inching towards solution

GoI-NSCN (IM) inching towards solution

Competencies include Yehzabo, Naga national flag

Kohima, October 25: The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) on Thursday expressed optimism of an early amicable solution with the Government of India on the long pending Naga political issue.
“I reiterate on this occasion that the Naga movement has taken a crucial point of resolving issues for an amicable solution with the Government of India, which was being spearheaded by the able leadership of our former Yaruiwo Late Isak Chishi Swu and Ato Kilonser, Th. Muivah,” said emissary of collective leadership of NSCN, V S Atem at a Prayer Summit of Churches, Christian organisations and institutions of all denominations and religious bodies of Nagalim at Agri-Expo, Dimapur today.
Atem said sustained negotiations had led to the signing of the Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015 for finalizing a negotiated settlement of the Naga political issue that has dragged on for more than 70 years now.
“It was signed in recognition of expediting Naga sovereignty politically and amicably with factual position of the Indian Government, thus a mechanism on shared sovereignty was focused. The mechanism would define by working out competencies which are crucial to Naga political rights and history,” he said.
Atem said the Government of India has assured to fully respect the rights and interests of the Nagas. In the defined competencies, Naga people’s sovereignty is paramount, which India would not interfere into the specified domains of the Nagas. On this principle, both negotiating parties have agreed for peaceful co-existence of respecting each other’s problems and mandates, he said.
The NSCN leader said a fundamental part of the competencies being negotiated so far has tremendous expression of the Naga national identity whose control over land and resources is substantiated for its independent utility only by the Nagas. “The management and integrity of all resources whatsoever from above and below the land, will therefore not be infringed upon by India. In respect to factual reality of politics it must be acknowledged that India’s recognition of our unique history was an official declaration which formed their mandate of seriousness,” he said.
Atem disclosed that two crucial aspects of the competencies feature Naga National Flag, and a separate constitution called Yehzabo. “Naga Flag carries a prerequisite symbol of the people’s identity, the Naga nation.
Yehzabo will be legally integrated as a historical document representing a total function of the Naga cultural, religious, social, economic and political life. Therefore the final settlement would constitute a provision in the Indian structure of managing Naga affairs, an article confirming the “Yehzabo of Nagalim,” he said.
“Needless to say, we must understand that the Indian Government’s policy is by and large to let vast Indian interests prevail over Nagas unique legitimate right. Even the current negotiation has been facing unwanted elements of the Indian state indiscriminately. One such anti-Naga operation is being of late mentored by the RSS elements trying to imagine a Hindu nation state. Their ‘Bharatiya philosophy’ contemplates that there cannot be two ‘bharats’ with India. It commits to strengthen Hindu national government and views the outcome of a possible Naga himeland as threatening the RSS Hindu dream,” the NSCN emissary said.
Atem said such intrusions into the Naga country are like monsters trying to devour the Naga values and culture. “The political agenda of expediting a wholesome Hindustan has most often betrayed in the RSS operations to let the GoI ignore the Nagas’ right. Their objectives are but identical with chauvinistic conducts which treats the Naga populace to be a segment of Hindustan and so govern at their own prerogatives. But be assured the NSCN shall never compromise on the infrastructure of Nagas’ legitimate political institutions,” he said.
Stating that history stands that India’s plan of crushing the Nagas had failed, Atem admitted that Nagas also could not drive Indians out of their (Nagas) land and this necessitated both the parties to come to the negotiating table.
“The collective leadership of the Naga movement, regardless of its share of challenges, had been sincerely dedicated and with unflinching support of the Naga people will vigorously continue to uphold, preserve and protect the Naga political cause to any length,” Atem added.
Convenor of Steering Committee, NSCN, Rh. Raising said they are in need of agreements with India and Myanmar and have been looking for an agreement that can guarantee the future of the Nagas. “Rest assured that the Framework Agreement officially signed between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim on the 3rd August 2015, will certainly protect our sovereign rights, our territories, our people, our identity, our culture and our future from all terrible waves of political, military, economic and cultural imperialisms of aggressor states,” he said.
He said human problems are by culture, solved through dialogue, not by might and therefore India having realized this and approached the NSCN for a peaceful settlement through political dialogue. “So we changed our strategy from military to political and from confrontation to negotiation,” he added.
Raising said in response the Government of India’s initiative, the NSCN embarked on negotiation with the former where six successive Prime Ministers were involved. “It was during Mr. P V Narashmha Rao’s time in 1995 the GoI and NSCN mutually agreed to hold talks under three terms – talk without condition, talk at prime ministerial level and in third countries,” he said, adding the strong commitment of the six prime ministers are praiseworthy and appreciable, and from where they can never go back on their words.
“The magnitude of political damage would be far reaching if GoI goes back upon its words. But on our part, we believe in a negotiated settlement and that we will abide by the Framework Agreement in letter and spirit,” Raising said.
The Prayer Summit with the theme “Submission to the will of God” was attended by several NSCN leaders, apart from people from all over Naga inhabited areas. The summit was organised by the Council of Nagalim Churches. (Page News Service)