Monday, September 27, 2021
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GoI-NSCN groups all set to sign final agreement


Kohima, February 28: The Union Government and NSCN groups are all set to sign a final agreement-the agreement which is unlikely to end militancy problem in the state.
According to sources, much awaited agreement between the Centre and Naga groups would become a reality soon as finalization for competencies are in a final touch.
A source from the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) said final draft proposal has been sent to Government of India and that reply is anticipated any time from now.
NSCN insider disclosed that preparation for inking a final pact is almost completed adding that agreement is expected within two month’s time “if the Centre is sincere to resolve the issue”.
Flag and Constitution has been the contentious issue, while Government and the NSCN are trying to work out on power and function of Pan-Naga Hoho, to strengthen emotional integration. But the idea of Pan-Naga Hoho has been rejected by some groups of people from Nagaland State.
The Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) said they are ready to sign agreement any time and that there was nothing to discuss and accused NSCN (IM) of trying to delay the signing of agreement.
Neither the Naga groups nor Union Government have disclosed the contents of the agreed points but a source said there would be an interim Government for at least two years before elections are held to install a full functional Government. During the interim period the Centre and Naga Groups are expected to discuss more on pertinent issues.
While Nagaland State Government would be called “People’s Republic of Nagaland”, Naga areas in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam will have self government till integration is achieved. Sources said there will be Territorial Council for Nagas in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and Naga Regional Council in Upper Assam and North Kachar. The self Government will have Legislative, Executive, Budgeting and Judiciary powers.
There will also be Naga Regional Council in Assam for Rengma area with 20 Members and North Kachar with 26 Members. While under Naga Territorial Council there will be 60 Members for Manipur and 40 for Arunachal Pradesh.
Also People’s Government of Nagaland will have a legislature body known as “Tatar Hoho” and this will be a bicameral having the strength of 80 and 40 with a separate election commission.
Nagaland will also have three MPs-one Rajya Sabha and two Lok Sabha.
Nagaland to have full sovereignty over land and its resources.
Cadres of Naga groups would be converted to Naga Security Forces to maintain inner security and there will be no presence of Army in Naga self administered areas.
Apart from this Nagaland is expected to receive huge amount of money for speedy development and for taking up new projects and to complete the pending projects.
The Central Government has been engaged in dialogue with Naga militants for the last 22 years, but no solution could be hammered out till date. Despite hiccups and suspicious in the peace process from time to time, the negotiating parties are trying to reach for the final destination. But there is a growing apprehension from a section of people from Nagaland state that any agreement should not undercut the powers and functions of Nagaland Government.
Congress leadership in the State has raised the same voice.
But there are also a handful of people whose intention was to safeguard the 16 Point Agreement of 1960, also known as 16 Memorandum, which gave birth to Nagaland State, and that, no pact should overshadow the former. (Page News Service)