Saturday, September 25, 2021
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GoI may erase Art 371(A), divide Nagaland into 2 UTs: NPCC


Dimapur, August 11: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has again expressed fear that the Government of India can divide Nagaland into two Union Territories and erase Article 371(A).
The NPCC said if the Centre can go back from the agreement that its ancestors and the founding fathers of Indian independence made for Jammu & Kashmir through revocation of Art. 370 and division and downgrading J&K into two UTs, Nagaland is equally fragile.
“They (GoI) can divide Nagaland into two UTs and erase Art. 371(A) and tell us it is the demand of the people. I do not believe we can cow down India neither India can cow us down. The negotiation is to attain mutual interests,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
The NPCC warned that if anything happens to Nagaland in the manner of J&K, the representatives of the day that are supporting BJP Government will be held responsible.
Alleging that the BJP’s idea of India is Hindutva through Uniform Civil Code, Therie said they have miserably failed in economy and development. “Those who worship money and power are responsible for ignoring the dangerous demographic changes in Nagaland. People are lured with inducement, false promises and corruption in the development funds making them guilty before own religion and identity,” he alleged.
The NPCC said the “insane action” of the Centre against J&K has put the entire nation under fear. “It has also pushed mighty Indians into a fragile position. Hindutva goons are out recklessly lynching, raping, killing, mutilating bodies, beheading, persecuting clergies, destroying Churches, anti-conversion and forced reconversion activities, block of economic aid to Christian charity institutions, closing of schools and now Muslims and minorities are targets in the name of protecting Holy Cow. They even want birth control for Muslims,” it alleged.
The State Congress appealed to the people of Nagaland to stand together in this trying situation to defend and protect without fear, “lest we perish together like fools”.
Welcomes Sonia Gandhi’s appointment
Meanwhile the NPCC has welcomed the appointment of Sonia Gandhi as Congress President and extended full support in furthering the programmes, principles and ideologies of the Congress under her leadership.
The NPCC also expressed gratitude to Rahul Gandhi for steering the party as president through the most trying and difficult phase with utmost dedication, sincerity and selflessness and wished him the best in all future endeavours. (Page News Service)