Gogoi attacks Centre on Rafale ‘scam’

Gogoi attacks Centre on Rafale ‘scam’

Dimapur, September 2: Assam MP, Gaurav Gogoi today led a scathing attack on the Modi Government on the Rafale deal terming it a ‘scam’ involving the security of the nation which the Prime Minister himself has colluded.
Talking to media persons here at Tourist Lodge, Gogoi alleged that the present government is purchasing a Rs 526 crore aircraft for Rs 1670 crore thereby incurring a loss of Rs 41,205 crore of the public money.
He said that India needs 126 fighter jets to defend itself from external forces. He said during UPA regime it was decided to buy 126 fighter jets from a French Company at the cost of Rs 526 crore per jet and it was agreed in which the technology and design would be given to India.
He said 18 aircrafts were to come in ‘fly away’ condition from France and 108 aircrafts were to be made in India by Public Sector Undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd with ‘Transfer or Technology’. At this price, 36 aircrafts would have cost Rs 18,940 crore.
Gaurav alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to France did not take the Defence Minister, and unilaterally decided to “compromise with the security of the country” by bringing down the number of aircrafts from 126 to 36 only. This has been done without the involvement of the defence minister or foreign minister or any cabinet meeting.
“Congress party believes that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is not a defence expert,” he said.
He further alleged that the prices of the fighter jets jumped from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1600 crore per jet which is three times higher than the previous government’s rates.
Stating that the ‘transfer of technology’ which was given to PSU, HAL for manufacture of Rafale aircrafts in India at Rs 30000 was cancelled by the present Government, Gaurav alleged that the new contract has been given to a company, Reliance Defence which opened just 10 days before PM’s meeting in France, adding the company belongs to Anil Ambani.
He also questioned as to why Modi Government allow the contract worth Rs 30,000 crore to a company that had zero experience of manufacturing fighter aircrafts, bypassing the Public Sector Undertaking, HAL, which is the only company in India with decades of experience in manufacturing fighter aircrafts.
He said the deal compromises the security of the country. He said the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi wanted to find out the truth but their efforts have been blunted out as the government has tried to divert the issue.
Stating that the Prime Minister and the Government are trying to hide behind the clause related to secrecy, Gaurav said the people of India has every right to know how this money has been used.
He further said the Congress has been asking for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to be constituted on the issue, but the government is not willing to do that.
He also said instead of opening up on the issue, the government is using Ambani’s Company to intimidate the Congress leaders at the behest of the Prime Minister.
“We will uncover the truth,” the Congress leader asserted adding they would create awareness amongst the masses in every state and districts. He said the party will continue to demand for JPC on Rafale deal. (Page News Service)