Thursday, February 25, 2021

‘Go Green Movement’ launched at Lazami

Dimapur, June 24: SDAO Pughoboto Myanthung Patton launched ‘Grow Natural, Go Green Movement’ of Rural Natural Connect, Lazami at Lazami village council hall on June 23.
The SDAO said most of the people are becoming health conscious and understanding the benefits of organic products. He said there is difference in agri and technology growth resulting in dramatic changes in productivity and highlighted about the agriculture products from outside the state which are mostly adulterated. He urged the people to opt for organic products which are in high demand and congratulated the RNC & EFG for the Go Green Movement
Director, RNC, Botoshe said that the movement is to commercialize local produce to urban areas and apprised the people to give importance to indigenous seed. He also urged the villagers and SHGs to collaborate for the movement for better outcome.
(Page News Service)