Monday, May 27, 2024

GNI workshop on fact-checking held in Patkai

Nagaland News

Dimapur, August 31: The Department of Mass Communication, Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) on Wednesday hosted a Google News Initiative (GNI) workshop on “Fact-checking through visual verification”.
The resource person, Dr. Moalemba Jamir, GNI India Training Network trainer, conducted an exercise to gauge the alertness of the gathering in spotting fake news and mentioned that the world today is facing the difficult task of combating the spread of fake news.
Dr. Jamir highlighted the various characteristics (propaganda, clickbait, conspiracy theories etc.) of fake news and techniques (whataboutism, name-calling, emotional words etc.) employed by people in the dissemination of fake news.
Dwelling on the theme, he said visuals have become easy vehicles of mis- and disinformation due to technology making easier to create compelling, believable fake images. “Visuals can leave a lasting impression which can impact one’s choices and ultimately, behaviour,” he added.
He also demonstrated the various tools available like Google Reverse Image Search, Yandex, Tineeye, InVid etc. that can be used to verify visual information.
However, he added that there is “no silver bullet” to verify photos and videos. “It is a combination of reverse image search, smart key word search, strong observational skills and good old-fashioned journalism,” he maintained.
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