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Give preference to medical professionals on Covid-19 duty

Dear Madam
The recent recommendation of the Government of India to regularise and give preference to doctors who rendered service when called for during COVID-19 crisis is laudable.When COVID-19 was at its peak last year, many doctors have responded to the call of duty and enrolled to rendered their professional service when their service was needed the most. The Government of India, having realised the importance of their services during the peak of the crisis has recommended to the state Governments to give preference to these doctors for appointment as well as to regularise their services as the case may be. Many of the medical professionals opted out of the interview/ selection process when the pandemic was at its peak and it will be grossly inhuman on the part of the Government to dump them after utilising their services. Besides,the second wave of COVID-19 is knocking at our doorstep with more ferocity. In the light of the facts and circumstances stated above,the Government of Nagaland should take necessary steps to regularise the serving doctors and also give preference to medical professionals who rendered service during the COVID-19 crisis.
Kahoto Zhimomi, Dimapur