Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Girls and women of this era should be following their dreams

Tanishka Jain

Data from the Global Dreams Index Survey shows that half of the world’s women population have given up on their dreams, such that they are unsatisfied with their lives. This report contains information based on interviewing a proud daughter of Nagaland who is very successful and also an aspect of inspiration for many young girls who wants to become somebody of value in their lives.

Annalia Zhimomi

It is a story of a young woman who made her dream set into the reality of the world. She is none other than Annalia Zhimomi. Her instagram handle makeupbyannalia has over more than 36k followers. She started working as a free lancer without any experience at the beginning and now she is one of the best makeup artists. She believes in following five rules during her work hours, first to always take risks, second to be blunt, third to find solution to problems rather than sulking about it, fourth to think that my work is fun and last but not the least the fifth rule is to think her work as her dear soul mate.
She believes a man spends 70% of their time working if not sleeping and she did not want to be counted in the list of the one who cribs about his or her work and hates to do their job. She wanted to love and enjoy her work which meant spending 70% of her time completely and happily to the work she does. So the best thing she did was to make her passion her work, which helps her to stay in the fun mood at her work place rather than being stressful. This altogether allows her to give 100% naturally at work while stepping ahead on the stairs of her career passion come work.
According to the findings of DSP Winvestor Pulse 2019 Survey, just 33% of women take independent investment decisions as compared to 64% of men. Annalia Zhimomi, Entrepreneur/MUA has said few lines on women being independent with respect to finance, “Being financially independent gives one the power to their own decision making in their respective lives. It’s important for women to be financially independent because some women stay back in an unhappy marriage due to financial burden and having nowhere to go, but in today’s scenario a great example would be she being financially independent so that she will not need to stay in that unhappy marriage if that’s the only reason she is holding herself back in it”.
Annalia also added her thoughts on women entrepreneurship, “It’s amazing to see women entrepreneurs coming up and standing up for themselves you become your own boss and also you get to make your own decisions that may start from a little decision as shopping for clothes”. She has started her own luxury brushes brand which has been made with the world’s finest materials for customer’s satisfaction. Makeupbyannaliabrushes is her instagram handle for her brushes brand which has more than 9k followers.
As Psychologists Todd M Thrash and Andrew J Elliot have noted, “The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness precede us and awaken us to better possibilities”. Thus it is clear that inspiration plays a vital role in a youngster’s life in the process of attaining success in whatever field they opt for. Asking Annalia about the advice she would like to give young girls who aspire to be in the same field like hers, she said “It’s an amazing field to be in but one should not expect to get famous or get clients or even get associated with brands over night, it all takes time and is a gradual process”.
Annalia added a quote which inspires her to stay motivated and keep going, “Follow your own path and measure your success according to your own achievements and not by comparing yourself to others as everyone has a different path and journey”.
This indicates us that no field of career is non-beneficial, every field has its own way of operations. This article not only inspires women of this era to follow their passion but also guide them the correct way to reach the height of success with respect to ones quality and interest.
(Tanishka Jain is pursuing Mass Communication and Journalism at Cotton University, Guwahati. She is presently doing internship at Nagaland Page)