Monday, September 27, 2021
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Fuel price rise: CNCCI slams Govt’s apathy

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Demands review of petrol & diesel prices

Dimapur, February 17: The Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) has decried the State Government’s apathy to the plight of the common man in the wake of escalating fuel prices and demanded review of retail prices of petrol and diesel in the State as was done by neighbouring Northeastern States.

Assam and Meghalaya have already slashed prices of petrol and diesel by over Rs 5 by reducing VAT on petrol and diesel bringing huge relief to citizens.
Reminding that fuel prices determine all activity of a State’s economy, the CNCCI said it is baffled as to why the Nagaland Government is not responding on similar direction and review like neighbouring State and reduce fuel prices in Nagaland.
With the escalated fuel prices compounded by the present road scenario in the state the business communities are facing their worst nightmares like never before, said CNCCI chairman Dr Khekugha Muru and general secretary Dr Seyievilie Mor in a press release.
Highlighting that the cost of transportation of goods has almost doubled over the last couple of months, especially to other district of Nagaland, the trade body said even passenger transportation and travelling has become more expensive with fares being continuously hiked, and not an inkling of going down any sooner.
The CNCCI also stated that with huge fuel price difference with neighboring State Assam, even fuel retailers in Nagaland will lose business to neighbouring States, which will result in revenue loss by the State Government in terms of VAT collection.
Comparing fuel prices in Kohima (Nagaland) with other cities in NE, the trade body said on February 17, petrol price in Kohima was Rs 92.86, while in Shillong (Meghalaya) it was Rs 86.04 and in Guwahati (Assam) it was Rs 86.43. Similarly diesel price in Kohima was Rs 83.60, Shillong – Rs 79.34 and Guwahati – Rs 80.61.
“Hence it is plain and simple why every activity and commodity has become more dearer and livelihood has been badly affected,” it stated.
Stating that this is hindering economic progress and business activities in Nagaland, the CNCCI demanded the State Government of the day perform its responsibility by reviewing the present fuel prices at the earliest.
The trade body also demanded that commercial passenger vehicles capacity be immediately reviewed to allow full capacity to ply in order to bring down the fare for common people in line with the recent listed activities that has been allowed full capacity. It added that the existing SOP is practically impossible to maintain in mountainous roads. (Page News Service)