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Frontier Nagaland crusaders against any ‘third party’ role

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Defeat of 16 MLAs in Eastern Nagaland show ENPO clout

By our Spl Correspondent
New Delhi, March 14: Crucial rounds of deliberation are on cards between Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and the Centre’s interlocutor A K Mishra and other members of the special panel to implement the commitment made on creation of the Frontier Nagaland Territory.
ENPO leaders will be expected in New Delhi soon to pursue the discussions. However, there are already apprehensions that from certain quarters efforts will be made to delay and possibly derail the entire process.
Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio met Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi in presence of deputy Chief Minister and BJP floor leader Y Patton.
“If peace talks to resolve the Naga insurgency and political issue are considered a yardstick, some people will have ground to be pessimistic as some powerful players could delay and derail the peace talks,” an informed source said.
There is now a fresh apprehension that in the name of “consensus and opposition-less government”, some stakeholders will try to intervene.
According to sources, the protagonists keen for an earlier implementation of broad agreement on Eastern Nagaland as assured to ENPO before elections “do not want any third party intervention”.
“We are careful about such saboteurs and will continue to be cautious because they may be powerful but they have a bit of questionable reputation,” one source said adding, the Centre has been cautioned not to entertain “forces who have expertise” in delaying things.
Sources also revealed that the Union Home Ministry is reviewing the recent election performance in Eastern Nagaland.
“Of the 20 members in Eastern Nagaland in the previous House only four could return. This was not strictly due to anti incumbency factor. The verdict shows people in ENPO region were not quite happy with the manner the 20 legislators and ministers had defied the ENPO call for poll boycott,” a source said.
Only Keoshu Yimchunger, C L John, Paiwang Konyak and Noke Wangnao from the last House returned to the assembly in the Feb 27 polls.
In other words, the argument being people are being nice because “they want to”. They allowed the polls without hindrance but they are totally against allowing the same elections to delay implementation of the assurance given by the A K Mishra panel.
Eastern Nagaland will not tolerate Ministers and officials taking the people of the region for granted. The refrain also is that “political wisdom” of the common people and especially from seven tribes should not be underestimated.
Major pros and cons of developmental issues in the six districts of the ENPO region have been discussed with the Mishra committee in details.
Seven Naga tribes reside in Tuensang, Mon, Shamatore, Kiphire, Longleng and Noklak bordering Myanmar.
These tribes are Konyaks, Sangtams, Changs, Phoms, Khiamniungans, Yimchungrus and Tikhirs.
Earlier the region had only two districts Tuensang and Mon and prior to statehood they were part of NEFA.