Thursday, February 25, 2021
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From Social Distancing to Physical Distancing

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought so many changes in the world today.When this virus spread all over the world,the best word coined out by the leaders of the world was SOCIAL DISTANCING.
For the last six months , people of the world were advised to keep distance from each other.No social gathering and religious gathering was allowed.This has greatly controlled the corona virus from community transmission.
However, experience shows that social distancing has social stigma .Te covid 19 pandemic positives were treated as untouchables. Some Naga girls in Gujarat were also called corona and looked down , which has been reported in the social media. The general public were afraid even to meet the cured patients
It has developed mental, psychological and religious stigma.
Therefore, yesterday in the Parliament the MPs passed a resolution to use a better word PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Actually, to my understanding, God had a purpose by sending the corona virus into the world.
Due to increased population and riches in wealth and knowledge, people of the world have developed immorality and involved too much in revelry and merrymaking. Luxury has invaded the minds of the people and forgot the creator. They started worshiping the creation rather than the creator. They started night clubs and started dancing all night holding, hugging and kissing each other.
That is why all these activities have stopped. People of the world have learned to keep distance from each other so that they do not transmit the virus. In Nagaland also ladies have been disciplined to keep distance while trying to buy meat, vegetables and second hands. Guys have also learned not to rush to buy bus tickets and now politely maintaining queue system
This is how the Almighty God has disciplined the people to honour Him and care and love one another as we love ourselves.
The traffic congestion in Kohima and Dimapur has also greatly improved by maintaining EVEN AND ODD numbers on alternate days. Let this system continue till the government of Nagaland develops parking lots in all the /district headquarters.
May the good Lord bless all those who read this article and promise to abide by the rules of the land
Dr Tohimanen Ozukum

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