Monday, July 26, 2021

Friends of 80+ honour elderly and conducts free health check

Kohima, April 30: Continuing their goodwill gesture and an expression of indebtedness to the elders of Kohima village, the Friends of 80plus once again conducted free health check up while also felicitating them with gift and feasting together.
Kohima village currently has a total of 182 octogenarian souls intact, informed Kevitsu Yhome, a member of the Friends of 80plus during its 14th foundation day celebrated at Duolhou Garden at Tekhouliesha Kohima village.
Yhome also informed out of the 182 octogenarians – 72 are in Lhisemia Khel, 46 in Tsutuonuomia Khel, 34 in Pfuchatsumia Khel and 30 in Dapfhütsumia Khel.
Friends of 80plus is a group of people, both youth and middle aged, coming together to care and extend support to the elderly people of the Kohima village under Kohima district.
Marking the occasion, the group shared the feast hosted by grand children of late Vinyüü Dzüvichü while also conducting free medical checkup with the support of doctors from Naga Hospital Authority Kohima and other private hospitals.
On the occasion greetings were shared by Pfuchatsumia Khel Council chairman Kruyie Pienyü, Lhisemia Khel chairmanSetuo Kelio and president of Classic Club Kohima K Neibou Sekhose. In their brief expressions they said the powerful presence of the elderly is keeping the world stable.
They were also hopeful that the elder people of the village would continue to bestow their prayers support and blessing upon the younger generations.
A hymnal by Jas C. Moorb “Where we will never grow old”, traditional song by Neimenuo Rame and friends, special mass prayer for the elderly and also blessing for the younger generation marked the occasion.
A minute of silent prayer was also observed in respect of the 27 octogenarians who passed away during the intervening period from April 30, 2018 till observation of the 14th foundation.
Chaired by Vilakuolie Mere, former Angami Public Organisation president Keneingunyü Sekhose delivered the welcome address while Senior Pastor of Baptist Revival Church Kohima Village Rev Khrieneilie Sachü invoked God’s grace upon the elderly people. Keduotuolie Mepfhüo tendered the vote of thanks.
(Page News Service)