Friday, December 4, 2020

Freddie Mercury’s sister opens up on Bohemian Rhapsody success and possible sequel

Queen star Freddie Mercury’s sister has spoken out on the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody film.
The blockbuster won four Oscars, and brought in more than $890m at the Box Office in its first five months, despite some critics being less than kind about it.
However, Mercury’s sister Kashmira Bulsara – married name Cooke – claims she knew it would do well straight away.
Speaking to the Nottingham Post , Bulsara said: “I wasn’t too surprised by the success of the movie, because the subjects of the movie are Freddie Mercury, together with Queen and their music. And that will always be a formula for success.”
She went on to add that, while she didn’t feel the film resembled her or her parents very accurately, she was overall happy with the production.
Commending lead actor Rami Malek, she continued: “I thought it was very tastefully done.
“I thought Freddie was portrayed accurately in most parts, with his character and mannerisms.”
While he was alive, Freddie and Kashmira had a close relationship, and he would often go and visit her in Nottingham – or she would attend Queen concerts in support.
Despite not having any involvement in the production, both the cast and producers highlighted just how important it was to get the input of Mercury’s family throughout, with Malek even meeting up with Bulsara in full costume.
Discussing the recent talk of a sequel, which would run from Live Aid 1985, where the last film concludes, Bulsara said she was yet to be brought into any discussions.
“I haven’t heard from the management about a sequel,” she told the publication, before teasing: “Only time will tell”.