Monday, July 26, 2021
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Framework Agreement runs into stormy weather


Kohima, October 19: The much hyped Framework Agreement signed between the Union Government and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) has finally landed in controversy after differences in interpretations of the agreement.
The NSCN has accused the Government of backtracking from the agreement, but the latter said there was no mention of a separate flag and constitution in the agreement, adding that contemporary reality mentioned in the pact was “within the constitution of India”. It is well understood now that interpretation of the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 has landed into controversy with both the parties sticking to their guns over interpretations.
But NSCN sources said they will not be bogged down by the pressure tactics of the Union Government and that they are prepared to face any eventuality.
Significantly the Union Government’s interlocutor and Governor, R N Ravi said there was no agreement or decision on “shared sovereignty” but “shared power”. The NSCN has been saying that the negotiating parties have agreed for a shared sovereignty. Ravi also said Government has not recognized “two entities”, the phrase which NSCN often harps on.
The peace process with the NSCN is seemingly in rough weather as the Union Government said it will not allow use of a separate flag and the constitution.
Ravi told Friday’s consultative meeting with Naga tribes and other civil society organizations that framework agreement never mentioned about flag and separate constitution and accused NSCN of misinterpreting the agreement to suit their interest.
But reacting to Ravi’s assertion on framework agreement, NSCN insider slammed the former for mocking the agreement.
But the bottom line is now the Centre wants to resolve the long standing Naga political issue under the constitution of India and that some Naga group like Nagaland Tribe Council (NTC) has spelt out its mind on solution within the Indian constitution. Tribes affiliated with NTC have so far remained silent over the stand of the NTC. The NTC’s stand is also apparently clear that Nagas of Nagaland should have a separate solution.
But there are also difference among the tribes associated as some wants the Union Government to recognize separate flag and constitution for Nagaland/Nagalim. “The Rengma Hoho acknowledges both the Framework Agreement signed on 3rd August 2015 by the NSCN (IM) and the Preamble signed on 17th November 2017by the WC of the 7 NNPGs. It is the stand of Rengma Hoho that the GoI should not only acknowledge our unique history but our dignity as well. And therefore the Rengma Hoho unflinchingly supports the demand for incorporation of separate Naga flag and constitution (yehzabo) to the final accord,” the Hoho in a statement said.
Ravi said solution has been delayed because of NSCN’s demand for flag and constitution.
Naga Hoho which is currently marginalized due to withdrawal of affiliation from the Hoho by some Naga tribes, still harps on inclusive solution for Nagas cutting across boundaries. The stand of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) remains same with Naga Hoho.
It is also understood that Naga NGOs having differences of opinion on resolving the Naga issue, has not augured well for the impending solution, but most fear that history could repeat if the Union Government is not cautious with the issue, before inking the final pact with the Naga groups.
Apart from Naga civil organizations, people have started to voice out their opinion on the Naga issue. The opinions and views are expressed by people against the backdrop of Naga negotiating parties keeping the contents of the agreed points close to their chests. Many are apprehensive that the so-called final agreement would repeat history like that of 1975 Shillong Accord and 1972 mass surrender by the Revolutionary Government.
Some people could smell rats how the Government was politicking with some section of overground people to sign the agreement within the ambit of the Indian Constitution.
In Friday’s meeting, Ravi also disclosed about increase of Assembly seats, Lok Sabha seats and bicameral for Nagaland and rehabilitation of cadres by recruiting them into army and police. He also reportedly talked about depositing of arms by the cadres, which would remain as a museum for the generations to see. (Page News Service)