Saturday, May 8, 2021

FPO constitutes new board of directors

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Dimapur, April 19: Farmers Producers Organization (FPO) constituted a new board of directors on April 19 at DAO conference hall, Zunheboto. The team is headed by L Holuto Ayemi as its chairman.

Other office bearers include Aheto Sumi as vice chairman, Gideon S Yeptho as secretary, finance committee headed by Kughavi Yeptho as treasurer and Vihuto, Lashika T Sumi and Shitokhu Achumi as members. Marketing committee members include H Hokuto Sema, Hekato Yeptho and Y Husukha Sema and Nivili Chella, Helena, H Vitoyi, Kahoto Achumi and Hukavi Shohe.
Speaking at the induction programme, DAO of Zunheboto, Hukhato Sema briefed the gathering about the inception of FPO, which is a centrally sponsored scheme. He said that MOVCD is an organic farming scheme with special focus on the north-eastern States because of the availability of rich and fertile virgin forests across the region.
He added that the main aim of the scheme is to help the farmers produce more organic and healthy products for themselves and enough to reach others with the surplus, for which the FPO acts as a bridging to communicate with other States.
Newly inducted chairman L Holuto Ayemi stated that the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare launched a central sector scheme entitled “Mission Organic Value Chain Development (MOVCD) for north-eastern region” with an aim to develop certified organic production in a value chain mode to link growers with consumers and to support the development of the entire value chain starting from inputs, seeds, certification, to the creation of facilities for collection, aggregation, processing, marketing and brand building initiative.
He also said that till date, of the 14 clusters, a total of 1,100 farmers have registered under the organization and FPO has been registered with the co-operative society which now ensures the farmers as an individual or the organisation of various possible aids.

He appealed to the government to continue to reach the organisation with all possible means to work for prosperity of all farmers and also keeping in mind the needs of organic products.
Agriculture Inspector, K Kikato Zhimomi said that the main reason behind the scheme was to counter the health threats being caused because of the consumption of non-organic products in the country and that MOVCD is being considered as an only solution.
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