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Former CS’s wife visits Kutsapo village

CSs wife

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 22: Savita Gokhake, wife of Late AM Gokhale, visited Kutsapo village, Phek district, on November 20, where the first Village Development Board (VDB) was formed.
Addressing a meeting organized at AM Gokhale Memorial Hall, Savita emphasized on the vision and goals of Late AM Gokhale for the rural people of Nagaland.
Late AM Gokhale had served as Deputy Commissioner of Phek in the 1970s.
She said that for 3 years, Late AM Gokhale only talked about VDB and shared an amazing exchange between her and her Late husband that if they ever had a third child, she would name the child VDB and the whole congregation in the meeting, which evoked laughter amongst the gathering.
She recollected that her Late husband toured from village to village to educate the villagers about the importance and benefit of Local Self Government. His goal was to better the economic conditions of the villagers through the implementation of schemes and projects independently by the villagers, she informed.
Because of Late AM Gokhale, today the rural people of Nagaland enjoys the fruit of VDB.
The meeting was chaired by K Shievotso Rhakho, VCC Kutsapo. Invocation prayer was led by N Vekuto Rhakho, Associate Pastor, welcome address was delivered by Vechikhoyi Lohe, Ex VDB Secretary while the genesis of VDB was shared by Dukhuyi Vadeo, first VDB Secretary, Nagaland. He talked about the formation of Village Development Board (VDB) Kutsapo village on December 11, 1976.
Dukhuyi stated that the concept of VDB was formed keeping in mind the importance of self-governance in the rural areas of Nagaland. The concept was first develop and initiated by Vamuzo, the then Chief Minister of Nagaland, and AM Gokhale (IAS) was then Deputy Commissioner of Phek.
To conclude the meeting, Kuzhohuto Rhakho, Pastor KBC pronounced the benediction.
In recognition of the visionary initiative, the Kutsapo village and the General Public of Kutsapo village embraced Late AM Gokhale and his family and their generation as “Permanent members/citizens” of Kutsapo village.
It may be mentioned that on December 11, 1976, a general meeting was held at Rusozou Khel Community raised platform, which was chaired by AM Gokhale, with Dukhuyi Vadeo as an interpreter. In the meeting, Gokhale had proposed that a body be formed in the village so that the Government would come down to the village level instead of the villagers going to the Government; the villagers would get benefit through several schemes; the village community would enjoy local self government; and the banking system would become phenomenon in the near future.
Late Gokhale had also proposed that a body be named as either “Village Development Board” or “Village Trusteeship Board”. The public decided and choose the first name as they like the word development.
In the meeting, the house had resolved constitution of the board called VDB; Objectives of the board are opening of bank account and bank investment.
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