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Formalin suspected in local fish also

local fish

Dimapur, July 28: Amid the huge controversy surrounding formalin in fish imported from Andhra Pradesh, sources have said that recent tests have found formalin in local fish also.
A senior member of the traders’ association of the wholesale fish market based out of Signal Angami area said that the dangerous chemical had been found in local fish stocks also. However, at the Dhobinalla fish market, local fish continued to be sold.
“The testing was not done in a proper method and there is no standard operating procedure of the government. Formalin was found in local fish also,” said the senior office-bearer of the association.
Traders were dissatisfied on Friday morning as the fisheries department team from Andhra Pradesh was whisked off to Kohima while traders waited for hours.
Commissioner of fisheries of Andhra Pradesh, Rama Sankar Naik said he wanted to sort out the issue by meeting Nagaland government officials.
Andhra Pradesh has suffered a huge hit in fishery exports after the raids and subsequent bans on fish sales in Nagaland, Assam and Meghalaya.
“Meghalaya and Nagaland alone account for 20000 tonnes of fish every year. Why would we do anything to affect our own exports,” a deputy director of fisheries (Andhra), told Nagaland Page over phone from Vijayawada.
“The formalin adulteration must have been done locally in these states,” he said.
The deputy director said that immediately after fishing, the fish were put on trucks and transported leaving no scope for adulteration in their state.
Inputs that the deadly corpse-preservative was found even in local fish, adds to the woes of the local administration and consumers.
Traders here have insisted that the government’s fisheries department should have set standard operating procedures for testing also.
The Andhra team is also likely to meet officials in Assam and Meghalaya after the conclusion of the Nagaland trip.
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