Saturday, May 25, 2024

For change

These days we seldom come across a person who feels fully satisfied. In fact in the present materialistic era, we can say that abundance (of wealth and material) has truly lost its worth. We feel compelled to crave for more, yet nothing seems to satisfy us. So in case the question about the “need for a change” – a term which our leaders regularly quote – is regarding our individual economic status, we certainly want a change. In comparison to the economic deprivation our ancestors till very recently had to endure, we may find ourselves in a comfortable situation. Therefore the question about a need for a change should ideally not remain just confined to any economic development. This question primarily relates to our well-being as a society. Do we feel any void spiritually or for that matter do we feel besieged by the fast creeping corrupting influences of modernity? Do we realize that the more we have prospered the more bankrupt we have turned out to be culturally? Is moral and material corruption really an issue in our society? Since we are denied justice in perpetuity, de we recognize the absence of justice in our individual and social life? Having become immune to a culture of injustice, do we understand that since we are unable to stand against the tyranny of many kinds, the haplessness that overwhelms us is of our own making? Instead of resisting the ever encompassing reign of injustices, have we now compromised with the numerous prejudices, inequalities and ingrained institutional discriminations as a fate of life? Or in worst case scenario have we become so numb that we have come to relish the gravest injustices meted to us regularly, as some sort of virtue? Do we comprehend the perils of environmental degradation? Do we understand the dangers of indiscriminate exploitation of the nature? Yes indeed in so many ways. The point is despite facing tyranny we still have some sanity left. Still we are not reduced to mere animals to have lost distinction between a healthy and a sick society. Our individual economic pursuits have kept us completely engrossed and the struggle to acquire more seems to be never ending. Economic development seems to inculcate a notion of individual well-being, and completely soaks away any desire for a collective societal reform. Moreover the material comforts are immensely enticing. While technology controls the minds, consumerism, the main pillar of capitalism, has entrapped us physically. So it is not difficult to discern that the unbridled and blind desire to acquire more in-a-way becomes a handy tool for the countervailing forces to defeat the idea of any change. Nevertheless the forces hell-bent upon to maintain a soul-stifling status quo howsoever dominating and innovative still cannot fully douse the deep desires for a change. A morally empowered individual, even after being inundated by the ever powerful anti-change influences, may still muster the courage to declare that ‘yes I want a change’. In fact the idea of a change can never be suppressed fully. However the individual desire for a change will remain a dream till the time I’ doesn’t get transformed effectively into ‘We’. ‘I’ can simply dream, ‘We’ only brings a revolution. The idea of a change in order to become a viable action, the journey from ‘I’ to ‘We’ has to be made. Otherwise the desire howsoever lofty will still remain a distant dream. But in case the feelings are alive, converting ‘I’ into `We’ is always a possibility. To bring about a revolution unity of purpose is entirely dependent upon the unity of the will. We have been aspiring for a change for decades now. Each and every resistance of ours has failed to generate a revolution. In disgust sometimes we blame geopolitics collaborating against the change and more often we find our leaders to be the real culprits. Actually these are the peripheral lacunae. Actually we have never been able to make a transformation from ‘I’ to ‘We’. Either our idea of change is faulty or else we lack the real longings for a change.