For change

A requirement in building fragmented society is for the people to change their mindset. Self development and improvement is all about change. We cry for change but many of us in the society are not genuinely concerned about the overall welfare of the society. Our response to the challenges confronting the society today at best has been patchy, that too on the surface. Unless society does not feel deeply alarmed about the moral and socio/political crisis we are in, change can never take place. It is not possible to think of a change without profoundly desiring for such a change. If we were happy with the status quo, we wouldn’t be seeking to improve ourselves, would we? Yet, change requires us to get out of our comfort zone. No doubt, change requires a certain amount of risk. Even good changes that we greatly desire require courage. Do we have the courage to change in the ways we hope to change? Human beings are creatures of habit. We get many habits, both things we do and things we think, while we are still children. The parents, teachers, and friends who influenced us while we were young have a lot to do with the person we are right now. If those people have programmed us with attitudes of helplessness, fear, or inadequacy, then it is only natural that we want to change these feelings. Yet it is a fact that even casting off negative thoughts requires courage. One way that change requires courage is that we must be brave enough to take a good look at ourselves – a good, honest look. In what ways do we really need to change? Do we fear for our lives or failure to the point that we never make a move? Do we have a problem with blaming others or getting angry with them? Many a times the areas we need to change may be embarrassing to admit. What about admitting that you need to change your diet and exercise habits in order to look and feel good? Indeed it requires courage to look at ourselves honestly. Once we have admitted the need to change, it will require courage to admit that we are ultimately the person to blame for the mess we are in. Part of overcoming a weight problem is realizing that I am the person who holds the fork, no! Sure, maybe I was taught to like fattening food, and maybe grandma made me clean my plate, but the choice is now mine. Accepting responsibility for our choices is a necessary part of change, and it takes courage. Also, it is natural to be scared when the time comes to face the change, because we have been used to living in a certain way and making certain choices. We are accustomed to the way things are. Obviously when we begin to make the new choices, some things are going to feel different – some differences might be pleasant, but some will be challenging. This probably is the reason why most people don’t have the courage to take the challenge. In fact the people in our life can be a problem, too, when we make the decision to change. If we have tried to quit smoking or lose weight repeatedly but without success, it would be but natural that our family will tease and deride us for trying yet again! In fact, they might be so merciless that we’ll be afraid to even let them know. But we need to remember that they are just going on past experience. They don’t know that we are really determined this time. Rather, we should let their lack of faith motivate us to show them they are wrong! Yes, change requires risk, and risk requires courage. If the changes we want to make in our life and attitudes are worth it, we can find that courage we need. The only need is we should not let fear hold us ransom in the treadmill of dead-end habits and the attitudes to life prevalent in the society. We must also remember that without a complete transformation even a small change is impossible.