Friday, April 16, 2021

For change

It appears our people have acquired a vacillating mind set. Our approach to issues besieging us is a bit awk ward, or appropriately speaking, emotionally charged. Our collective behaviour is jittery and if we are on boil, we become foam, rising and falling in moments. Boiling and cooling is a feat that we have mastered well, and with this our leadership loyalties also change. When we boil, we seem to get on a false vantage point and we develop a mistaken perspective of reality; when we cool down, we are thrown on ground and develop different angle of seeing things, again mistaken due to dejection, and our language attains different tone. Our misplaced vantage makes things look rational and logical; otherwise they are set at good distance from facts. This makes us appear opportunistic, even in our day to day dealings. We may have acquired this fickle attitude over a long duration. And if we continue in this state, we may well acquire a more virulent strain: state of helplessness, where one has false perception of anticipated failures, and lose hope of success altogether as society. Here, we require getting a visionary outlook where things are taken synoptically and holistically, developing foresight on the basis of available resources, ground reality and realistic goals. This mindset brings stability in action because it thrives on a broad-base of reasonability backed by complete awareness and knowledge of the situation. Intellectuals need opportunity and freedom to discuss and enunciate future vision. Unfortunately, our intellectuals and leaders have always baked and offered us fragments, parts, and sections of the whole reality and people, by sheer ignorance, have mistaken oratory for originality, emotionality for rationality, and confusion for revolution. Our emotions and memories are deeply trapped in history (and it is quite natural), and our response at different stages in the past and present, has been based on this. We start with a fundamental wrong played on us, and trace every issue we are accosted with from it. This gets us into a regressive mode. We see, think and proceed from this reference point only. You name anything from family planning to town planning, power crisis to moral crisis, education to transportation, health to wealth, corruption to overconsumption, poverty to charity: turmoil eloquently explains all to us. Besides other problems, it has given us one malady definitely: thrown us into inertial mode and lulled us into sleep accumulating problems galore – economic, social, educational, health, religious and many more. This has made a cesspool of our society that stinks badly, and allowed thriving ground to people who are good for nothing, but enjoy royalty of irresponsibility behind the cover of turmoil. In this system, incompetence smothers excellence. Since we have neglected issues of concern, so whenever, if at all, we take action it is always stopgap, certain to bear no fruit in the longer run. It is like beating about the bush. We must remember practical is always incremental calling for patience and reformatory approach. People talk about logical end and resort to illogical means all along. First and basic things are not attended at all, and hands are outstretched to the ends and goals, often imaginary. This makes the whole scheme weird. This has remained a fundamental flaw in our approach. Intelligentsia has remained obsessed with this and have nourished this hope without bothering to pave the way along the immediate. Leaders have trotted this line without fail. Social work groups, religious organizations, NGOs, village committees, associations do lot of haphazard work and results are conspicuous by their absence. Our staple constitutes false vision, slogans, rhetoric, obstinacy, emotionalism, rumour mongering, and intolerance. Our schools, colleges and Universities pass students but hardly prepare them. Student is laden not equipped with knowledge. He is fit to spoil, unfit to nourish. He can take notes, attend lectures, pass exams but he, more often, fails in life, and in any vocation he takes. This sums up whole of our march towards nowhere! Politicians, bureaucrats, employees, businessmen, teachers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, agriculturists are all busy in their own way but do they deliver the needful? They all fall short by miles, and want results by default. Our new generation has to feel the pulse and take initiatives. Day to day issues need urgent attention. Teachers need to instill confidence in students to tackle these issues so that new breed of leadership emerges. Visionary leaders and intellectuals have to play pivotal role. This shall only happen when present circumstances are improved upon, not backing out from them, facing them with vision, responsibility and pragmatism.