Friday, May 7, 2021
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Food Safety team carries out inspection drive; Colours found in chilly powder, formalin in dry fish


Dimapur, August 4: The District Food Safety Team carried out an inspection drive at T Khel market PR Hill and Super Market today. During the course of inspection drive, the team tested fruits, fresh fish, salted dry fish & Chilly powder.
Chilly powder sample collected from local vendor at T Khel market Super market were found added with colours. The remaining stock of 15 packets from T Khel market and 22 packets from super market were seized.
The team even took sample of salted dry fish from Super market which tested formalin in them, remaining stock of 850 gms were seized.
Accordingly, the Designated Officer (CMO) Dr. Ritu Thurr extended his appreciation to the Angami Youth Organization Officials (AYO), Reporter from News 18 and Northeast Live channel for rendering their presence and assistance throughout the inspection drive.
(Page News Service)