Sunday, April 11, 2021

Food Safety Cell appeals

Dimapur, July 10: The Food Safety Cell under the Department of Health and Family Welfare is overwhelmed to receive spontaneous and unconditional positive response from various departments and organizations of different districts including individuals in the ongoing food safety drive.
The Food Safety drive was initiated as an urgent measure to ensure safe and healthy food in the market for public consumption. Towards this cause certain food items has been tested through proper scientific methods.
It may be stated that through the drives carried out, it is confirmed that “not safe food” has proliferated into the market consequentially exposing the public to serious health hazards.
Despite tough challenges faced during the drives, the Food Safety Cell could receive strong support from various departments, organizations and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding example by coming out voluntarily showing genuine concern and support towards the cause.
The Food Safety Cell has appealed to all citizens of Nagaland to come together and extend support and cooperation as a community in future plans of action to mitigate the serious issue of unsafe food which unaddressed would have grave repercussions on the state both in terms of health and economy.
The situation calls for a sustainable and consistent comprehensive action plan involving all stakeholders wherein the public must come forward to play a major role, it said. (Page News Service)