FNR commemorates 9th year of Covenant of Reconciliation

FNR commemorates 9th year of  Covenant of Reconciliation

Dimapur, June 13: It was a thoughtful moment during the marking of the 9th year of signing of the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’ when Khetoli N and Visasier Kevichusa stood in front of hundreds of attendants from all walks of life, and proclaimed that they have forgiven those who killed the most important persons of their lives.
Khetoli, whose husband was shot dead a decade ago while he was on his way to Dimapur from Zenhuboto, said in an almost choking voice that she has forgiven those who had killed him and left her as a widow with small children to look after and asked others to forgive those people in their lives too who have done wrong to them.
Visasier, whose father and uncle were murdered in similar fashion in front of their family within a span of four years when he was a small kid, said that the killings have shaped, influenced and changed the family and he has learnt to forgive for forgiveness means everything and it is the way of Christ whom he follows. Visasier now is a pastor.
The day of the signing of the covenant was celebrated today here at DABA, Duncan Basti and was organized by Forum for Naga Reconciliation.
Previously, giving a brief introduction of the forum, FNR convenor, Rev Dr Wati Aier said the coming about of FNR was the consequence of much bloodshed caused due to factional conflicts and the objective of the forum back in the year 2008 was to bring the then four NNPGs to one table and signing of the covenant which wasn’t easy and it took 25 meetings before the signatures were put.
He, however, maintained that it wasn’t FNR alone that was responsible for the signing but everyone from the Naga society was involved in the task as ‘reconciliation is no one’s monopoly’ which was even recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs and it resulted in dramatic fall of factional clashes and killings, safer travels for the members of NNPGs without the fear of being attacked, business flourished.
He said that though much has changed, much still needs to be changed and sought public support on the occasion.
88 years old Gen. (Retd.) Thinuoselie Keyho said that there were times when the Indian Army thought that Nagas could be destroyed in a few weeks or months, and there were times when even Naga leaders questioned amongst themselves how long could they fight India and it was estimated that they could only go for another 3 months, but today it is 63 years that Nagas are still fighting.
He said that he always believed it was God who was behind the Naga movement and presently, when instead of one government there is nine and instead of a few leaders there are groups of leaders, God is testing the Nagas and whoever is refusing to come together is a loser.
He reminded FNR that though it has accomplished much, bringing NNPGs together is something that is eluding it.
V. Makritsu, reading out the speech of Rh. Raising, convenor and in-charge of steering committee, NSCN, said that NSCN is not against any move of political reconciliation, but it doesn’t see at the same time any meaning of non-issue based reconciliation and anything that is a not issue based. NSCN will see it as anti-thesis of solution, he said adding the issue NSCN has been defending embraces all Nagas and their territories.
He called the effort of reconciliation spearheaded by FNR something not a cry in the wilderness but a strong message to the people and added that NSCN will never back out from its commitment.
C. Singson, advisor to collective leadership of GPRN/NSCN delivering the message of Ato Kilonser N. Kitovi Zhimomi said that FNR had been able to bring a spiritual reawakening a decade ago and restored the lost consciousness of the people and the rest is history.
He said that restoring Indo-Naga political issue through negotiations is important for the Naga people and it is believed that GoI has understood the necessity to be practical and realistic in the ongoing political dialogue with the Working Committee of the NNPGs. (Page News Service)