Monday, June 14, 2021
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FNR calls from restrain from Naga groups


Dimapur, August 22: The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has expressed concern by the recent spurt of factional violence, and called for restrain from all Naga political groups.
“The hard earned “Covenant of Reconciliation” which began the cessation of bloodshed among the Nagas must be upheld,” it said in a statement.
The FNR said when NPGs signed the “Covenant of Reconciliation” a semblance of forgiveness and reconciliation took place at the group level, which was further demonstrated as factional violence reduced and de-escalated.
“The resulting relative peace stimulated an upbeat market economy, more freedom of movement and overall a sense of normalcy. Yet, despite these positive indicators, the Naga reconciliation process is incomplete. The personal animosity and inability to respect and accept the other continues. This has been a major deterrent to full reconciliation,” it said.
For Nagas to overcome the present challenge, the forum said healing is needed across society, one that is inspired by a transformational and healing leadership. “Statesmanship with political courage is needed to transcend the animosity, self-interest and factional politics. The situation needs a Naga leadership model that is shared and inclusive, one that instills trust and optimism.”
Stating that it stands for Nagas without borders, the forum affirmed its commitment to Naga reconciliation without any bias or prejudice towards any faction. Towards this end, the FNR said it remains open and willing to facilitate a reconciliation meeting among the Naga political groups. [Full Text] (Page News Service)