Thursday, June 24, 2021
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FNR calls for re-imagining Indo-Naga peace process


Dimapur, January 14: The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) today underscored the need to re-imagine the Indo-Naga peace process while advocating that the present deadlock in the Naga political process requires reconciliation.
Given the current state of one-dimensional politics, the FNR called for re-imagining the peace process anchored on multi-dimensional politics which includes the people’s active participation in the political process.
“The people and their aspirations must be at the heart of the process. This will strengthen the process and open up possibilities for transparency, accountability, credibility and integrity making it viable and responsive,” it said.
It said a re-imagined peace process has “reconciliation” as the pivotal point that will determine whether an outcome can be implemented in a manner which is respectful, dignified, durable, sustainable and just, and therefore workable.
Stating that reconciliation is part of the forward movement embedded in the vocabulary of the political process that enables historical and political transformation, the FNR said this is precisely why the present deadlock in the Naga political process requires reconciliation.
It said the present “Political Process” is ordered and organized under recognized and established entities. The accounts indicate that the negotiating parties involved in the political process have adopted a tacit political understanding and are avoiding any difficulties within a tightly organized process, it said. (Full Text)
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