Saturday, May 15, 2021

Flu Corner, Covid sample collection at Dimapur Covid Hospital to be available 24×7

Dimapur, August 2: Medical Superintendent, Dimapur Covid-19 Hospital has informed that Flu Corner of COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur will be on service for 24×7 as usual, besides. COVID-19 sample collection and testing will be available 24×7.
Other activities for testing are:
1. All SARI and ILI cases.
2. All contact tracings from District Surveillance Unit, Chief Medical Office (CMO) Dimapur
3. All patients in needs of admission will be admitted in Isolation Ward for management and for TrueNat testing.
4. All patients in need of admissions will be admitted in Isolation Wards for management and for TruNat testing.
5. All other testing criteria according to Government guidelines.
6. Flu-Corner COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur: Telephone Number-6009377390
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