Friday, April 16, 2021

Flawed system

It can be said that the true face of democracy is eluding us due to lack of impartiality and sincerity within the system of governance. Sure our rulers and top bureaucrats stress on good governance, transparency and accountability at every given opportunity, but it is missing in reality. In every field of life today, the levels of transparency are lacking which otherwise should have been the essence of people’s governance. Dictatorship has its own unwritten rules; rules to encourage nepotism and favoritism to ensure fortification of the system of ruthless governance and the strengthening of dynastic rule. Democracy is largely influenced by the thumb rule of equality with a great deal of honesty, impartiality and sincerity but the same is missing here in our state. If records of the last 4-5 decades were to be checked, those will be seen strewn with loads of unjustified favors to few selected ones. Every governmental aspect like appointments and elevations, provision of vital licenses and permits, benefits in industrial and other sectors, subsidies, government sponsored loans and allotment of government land is plagued with the bug of partiality. Indeed our people have shouldered the burden of many heads of governments since statehood and everyone has knowingly or unknowingly allowed the nepots and sycophants to flourish with limitless (out of turn) benefits. A casual look will reveal the facts that during the past few decades many politicians, bureaucrats and powerful people have rehabilitated their sons, daughters and kin in vital posts in the administration or have promoted them comfortably by other covert means. No one can deny this fact as records will reveal how rules were manipulated and norms floated. Exceptions are there but they are lost under the imposing shadow of rampant deceit, mistrust, partiality, dishonesty, insincerity, nepotism, and exploitation. For instance, take the government service sector. It was rampant with favoritism where even least qualified were craftily employed and elevated that they became baggage of the elite state administrative services in later years. Rules were changed and tampered to accommodate loved ones. The only qualification taken into consideration while justifying irregularities was relation to the mighty and powerful. For many years the regular selection of administrative service aspirants was shelved on one or the other alibi only to pave way for the favorites to enter through the back door. This brazen violation continued for many years. Every state department is full of these blooming favorites who have rewritten their fate and destiny with the active support of their masters and have become effective tools to fleece the common man. These preferred blue eyed people have become instruments of deceit and corruption as they are immune to all sort of accountability. Thus these chosen ones are responsible for polluting the whole democratic setup, fondly called ‘government by the people’ for lesser mortals. Frequent administrative reshuffles, particularly in the civil administration, gives a grim picture, where some old weary and some blue eyed people have been endorsed to run the affairs of the administration at vital positions. Additional charges have also become order of the day. Clearly this is all mockery of people’s representation. How long this will continue only the Almighty knows? No doubt democracy is the only practical solution for judicious and effective governance for civilized societies but this flawed democracy sometimes compels one to believe otherwise. It is also a fact that for some years many back door appointments and elevations have been plugged by the awareness of common man and some conscientious organizations. But a new ploy of ad hocism is now being used to promote preferred and discourage the eligible ones. Politicians and bureaucrats’ use this tactic not only to sponsor blue eyed people but to exploit the legitimate ones for their own interests. Here our people had hoped that the return of the present chief minister for his fourth term in the top chair after 5 years hiatus in Delhi will cleanse the system of this nuisance of favoritism, unjustified elevations and ad hocism, which he, in his earlier terms, had also promoted. Unfortunately he is delivering the same old wine in new rosy bottles.