Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First meeting of Peer Mediation Forum of Alder College held

Dimapur, November 24: The Peer Mediation Forum (PMF) of Alder College held its first meeting on November 23 at college premises. The program was chaired by Y Lichamo Tsopoe president Peer Meditation forum and was facilitated by Alino S Chishi, District Animator, Peace Channel.
The session began with the introduction of the programme, recapitulation of the previous session on understanding of peer mediation and benefits of Peer mediation. While recapitulating District Animator stated that the goal of peer mediation is to help a individuals and institution to maintain healthy, positive and safe learning environment by empowering students to manage conflict, transform relationships and enhance school climate which includes reducing the rates of office referrals, suspensions and expulsions; creating a stronger sense of community by bridging differences; and instilling valuable, lifelong skills that prepare students to become productive citizens.
She also stated that PMF is a space to empower students with the skills and strategies for dealing with conflict that helps in developing communication and decision-making skills are one of the tools of Peer Mediation which will influence the choices in the future and increase their leadership potential.
She further emphasized on the importance of skill needed on dialogue and effective communication skills. While debriefing the session, Alino shared the concepts of dialogue and enlightens the Forum members that Dialogue is a structured conversation or facilitator that requires a commitment to listen and speak respectfully, a conversation with the centre and not side.
Based on her experiences she shared how sharing and expressing emotions has given her opportunities to new learning’s. She also highlighted the Four Basic Principles: Neutrality, Self-determination, Confidentiality, Voluntary Consent while she encourage the members that as an individual’s we need somebody to hear and listen to us but we fails to share and listen because we are mostly caught up with preconceived notion about people.
She reminded that PM is problem or conflict solving by youth with youth and since it is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute, she guided them to meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems by following the four basic principles of peer mediation.
The meeting ended with evaluation and action plan drafted by the Forum members to encourage other students to be a part of the movement and “Peace for All” campaign a 2030 vision which is to make Nagaland a peaceful state.
(Page News Service)