Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Fire razes Kohima’s Mao Market to ashes

Fire in Kohima

KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 27: Despite having a Fire and Emergency Services Station just above and a pond beside it, Kohima’s famous Mao Market, below the Police Headquarters, was razed to ashes today.
Source said in the 3-storeyed kutcha building made of plank and tin housing, more than a hundred shops was completely burnt down by the ravaging fire that broke around 5 p.m.
While there is no report of human casualty, sources said properties worth crores of rupees were destroyed, as it houses shops selling vegetables, meat products, groceries, clothing, cosmetics, etc.
The actual cause is suspected to be due to short-circuit starting from the ground floor.
Source said the Fire Brigade personnel noticed massive smoke emanating from the building and swung into action with the four Fire-Tenders and fighters stationed there.
However, the ravaging fire engulfed the nearby shops following which more than 15 Fire-Tenders from all corners of Kohima, including that of the Assam Rifles and also fire-fighters from Khuzama and Chumoukedima, were pressed to douse it off after more than two hours.
Alarmed by the huge flame, which was visible from most of the areas of Kohima, authorities of Bethesda Hospital adjacent to the Fire station were seen evacuating the patients. However, the fire was controlled without causing damage to buildings on the other side of the road, including the hospital.
Further details on the actual number of shops and value of property damaged are still awaited at the time of filing this report.
(Page News Service)