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Fire devastates several godowns, shops & residential apartments

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Nagaland Page Staffer’s flat completely destroyed

DIMAPUR, MAY 9: A major fire in the wee hours today destroyed several godowns and shops, besides completely/partially burning down properties of at least 8 families in a residential apartment adjacent to the godowns.
According to eye witnesses, the fire broke out at around 3.30 a.m. below the godowns and quickly spread to the adjacent building and in no time engulfed the different flats of the apartment.
However, residents of the apartments managed to flee on time but could not save their belongings. Some of the residents lost all their properties and belongings in the fire, while the fire partially damaged some people’s belongings.
It took a combined force of 7 tankers from Chümoukedima, Dimapur (Central) and Dimapur (West) and more than 3 hours to bring the fire under control.
Residents of the area told Nagaland Page that the fire started below the godowns, which stored sofa sets, soaps, Butane cans, etc., and spread immediately even as Butane cans exploded like fireworks and fell at a distance of 50 meters inside the compound of St Mary’s Higher Secondary School.
A wholesale pharmacist, behind Breeze Bakery, also suffered damages, sources informed.
While the exact cause of fire could not be ascertained as the shops and godowns were shut at the time of the outbreak.
Meanwhile, Nagaland Page expresses sympathy with all the fire victims particularly one of its staff, Sumit Chakraborty and his family, whose apartment also caught fire and everything in the flat was destroyed.
He said the fire started at around 3.30 a.m. and when they felt the heat, the family members immediately went out of the room. By then, the balcony and kitchen and one room was already engulfed by the fire. When they returned after the fire subsided, they found almost everything destroyed, except a small bed which was kept in the front room.
He informed that the owner of the Apartment has assured to renovate the houses damaged in the fire.
Except for a minor injury sustained by one of the fire fighters, no other persons were reportedly injured.
Properties worth several crores have been destroyed in the fire.
(Page News Service)