Friday, May 7, 2021

FIR lodged in Delhi against woman for hurting Naga sentiments

Dimapur, July 5: An FIR has been lodge at Cyber Crime Unit, New Delhi against one Hema Choudhary for hurting the sentiments of the Nagas and also threat to life over social media, under various IPC and IT Acts.
In the FIR, Delhi-based TNM Admin, Achet Mollier, Lulu Jamir and legal advisor, Advocate Bishwa Kumar Jain stated that one Hema Choudhury (not sure if true name) had posted offensive video with verbal comments on social media against Nagas through the social media platform Facebook and YouTube and through other social media, which is grossly offensive and has menacing character.
“We are not sure about the veracity of video but if it’s true and real, the said person has posted the same for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred and ill will. She is persistently doing such acts by making use of computer resource and communication device (Mobile) for sending such message,” the FIR stated.
The Naga people residing in Delhi has been greatly affected by the video and are in shock as the lady can be heard saying “chinkis” and “bastards” and kill Naga people, the FIR stated.
Stating that the offensive material is not only false but frivolous, defamatory, abusive and insinuative and has been done with the intention to insult and libel the Naga community and cause a scandal by slandering and slurring Nagas’ character, the complaints said the person is liable for prosecution for offensive comment on social media and other offenses.
It was learnt that another FIR has been lodged in Mumbai against Hema Choudhury for the abusive comments against the Nagas. (Page News Service)